Diablo 3 Latency Issues.

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06/04/2012 07:07 PMPosted by EeliN
Unplayable latency too :( with mob around 1000 +, with nothing its 200

As of today, I've been having that same issue... 1500 ms with mobs around, 150 ms with no mobs nearby. It was just fine yesterday, but today Diablo 3 is unplayable for me.
!@#$ing + 1
Have yet to make it through Whimsyshire nightmare without severe lag +1
up!! Current Latency 1500-3400 :((
...................... when will they start to fix this issue.. seems the up coming update will not fix this..... are they not aware of this issue or they just dont give a crap...........my laptop is i7 sandy bridge and GT 550M it cant run on freaking 800X600 with the lowest effect............. WTF I am really piss off now...
had been running extremely smooth (latency wise, from australia) up until the latest patch (1.0.2b) and since then havent been able to do anything in the game without getting 1000+ latency.
Have been trying all morning to get past the first level of the silver spire but unplayable server lag keeps getting me killed when I get to a big platform with lots of mobs. Over and over.

Not fun. Frustration. Urge to kill rising. Starting to become one of the millions of new members to the Blizzard Haters Club.

You are making us play this game online, even to play SP. It would be nice if you provided adequate servers so my character doesn't keep getting killed by server lag.

The very presence of a hardcore mode in a game with this kind of server lag is a joke, and shows the amount of thought that went into this game.

Unplayable lag + Hardcore? Sounds great!

Item find game + Auction House? Sure, why not?


Because unplayable lag sucks.

In the vain and probably futile hope that they aren't too busy snorting coke and buying sports cars to actually do something about it.

But I'm not bitter.

No, not me.
its pointless to even try to play diablo 3 right now... for me at least. everytime i play i get frustrated and quit. I check in on it about 2 times a week to see if its at a tolerable state (It never is) pissed off that i was eager to buy the game should have waited for price to drop along with latency. Its not my computer, nor my network. Speedtest goes good. Can run other games multiple times without any concern...
Blizzard hasn't even acknowledged this issue exists despite thousands of posts about it. It really sucks.
i am just biding my time till a game releases. diablo 3 can only last so long when the latency doesn't make it enjoyable.
I am bumping this s@#$ until I see a blue reply. WTF is going on?

Sorry for losing temper but I just died like 20 times in the same f!@#$ location because every time I would do something, my character isn't doing anything! I would move forward for 5s and go back 2s ago.

No, THE PROBLEM IS NOT ON MY SIDE. This game was PERFECTLY FLAWLESS for me for the first 10 days or so. No lag, no crash, no problem.

But now it's a lag fest. I've never played an online game that is this lagging and my computer is well above the system requirement.

I am mad 'cause I work full time and I only have two hours to play at night and I can't f@#$ play. It's very frustrating.
it is frustrating a blue post mentioned they were going to allevate the server load but to no avail this problem is not fixed.
Same problem here. Happened occasionally before the patch, but since the patch has become completely unplayable! This was a Father's Day gift, really looked forward to playing :(
No point in hoping for a blue post, all they'll say is for us to do tracert's and to "fix" our router or a number of other pointless things when the problem is NOT on our side.

Why was I able to play the first week without this happening?

Why can I log into an American WoW server from Asia without this happening?

Take some *&#ing ownership of YOUR issue and let us know YOU are trying to fix it FFS.
I have the same problem :/ The game worked fine - at first. Now it's playable for like 5 minutes then the latency goes up to about 2k and the game freezes. WoW works fine, and I've never had any problems with my internet connection so I just hope that this is something that Blizzard can fix, cause as for now - the game is unplayable. :(
same problem to me. ANY other game works perfect but diablo3 have an ridiculous lag ...
and thats what makes it even better! NOT A SINGLE BLUE POST YET!
Same here, to those without problems where are you located in the US?
I would be curious to know which countries and which ISP's everyone is using to see if there is any corelation.

Location: Panama
ISP: Cableonda
im from isreal my ISP is netvision...me and my friends are not able to play beacuse this stupid leg its very annoying...sorry for bad english

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