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I've been playing D3 since 3 days after the release, have a wizard level 60 on Act 4 in Hell and I just wanted to point out a few areas that are Consistently laggy. Even if I run on all low FX settings there is still lag, so I'm assuming its not my video card slowing me down, but the connection in general. However when I watch my friends play in the same areas they do not lag at all. So I'm perturbed as to whether or not it is a V-card issue or if its a Latency issue. Areas that often lag:

Inside of Leo's Manor From lvl 1 all the way through to the Butcher and During the fight in Act 1
All Sewers in Act 2
The Castle in Act 2 (On the way to Belial, but I don't lag on the Belial fight, its funny).
Tower of Sin (Before Cydea/Crater areas). Act 3
Rakki's Crossing Act 3 before the Tower.
Garden of Hope Act 4

From what I've noticed its areas where there are either Alot of Mobs coming in at once or in Areas where there are high quality Fire/Smog in the background/Misting over the screen. Irregardless of Single Player or MultiPlayer.

Was just wondering if any one else has had this issue, or is suffering from it.
And if any one has any idea how to fix it.
I've honestly been stacking some vit and life regeneration because of it and I'm starting to need to use those stats for Crit/Attk Speed and other essentials and am worried that Inferno will just be a continuous lag to one shot thing for me. As other wise I might be able to get off a Mirror Image fast enough or maybe a Diamond Skin or hell even damage a little bit faster or get away from mobs. I also think this directly has to do with Melee Ranges/Ground AoE's hitting from great distances ( I.E I'll Teleport away from a mob about to do a big swing and I'll be way far away from it before its weapon swing is done but I still take the damage anyway or if a desacrator mob lays its fire down and I move from it as fast as I can I still take damage well out side of it as if I were standing in it). It just seems like what I'm seeing, and what is happening in the game is a good 1-3 seconds later sometimes. Its just kind of a bummer when you know you could blow a cool down and you are spamming it and the next thing you know the cool down is burnt and you got 1 shot any way.
Just FYI it was happening before and is after the Patch.
Yes, i am having the same issues, stuttering lag at those places you mentioned.
I'm assuming that post with the MPQ file edit might have something to do with this but I do not have a USB with enough space on it to try that method plus I don't like that its insecure.
Am I standing still
or is my
I can't tell,
It looks like I'm moving,
But really slow.
Oh maybe I can zig zag run and I'll be able to dodge the lag.
Nope they Attack 5x's faster than I can run so it doesn't matter.
Gotta love the teleporting Oppressor.
Even put myself in the smallest possible windowed mode thinking it could've been my end.
Wanted to add to this to say that I never had a lag issue once until I reached the Garden of Hope in Act IV, and now it's virtually unplayable as a monk. None of the fixes here have worked, and I never experienced this frustration throughout the entirety of the game prior to this level.
just died to this on HC, gg geared wizzy :( Goodbye diablo!
I get the impression certain areas increase in lag as well, but over the past several days, I have noticed lag to such a consistent extent that the game is basically unplayable at this time. Insofar as I can tell, this is particular to Diablo 3.
also same type of lag happens the INSTANT i load into azmodan's room, and about 3 more times throughout the fight. Screen goes black, blinks to desktop, and goes back to game in about 10 seconds. Sometimes if i have chrome open, all my chrome pages turn black untill i resize them. Turning off all programs doesnt help, tweaking settings in all kinds of ways doesnt help.

most common place is act4 gardens, spire is no problem. Sometimes will happen in all 4 acts, though very rarely.

nvidia gforce 275gtx, win7, amd dualcore PoS. Been lagging this way consistently since diablo was released, tho azmodan seems recent.

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