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I've followed Diablo 3 since the first video they released up until release day. I'll attempt to keep this as simple as possible and allow you to judge for yourselves. I seriously feel after all this that Blizzard is trying to question my and everyone's intelligence. Did you seriously think we would all forget?

I'll start with the first video ever about Diablo 3:

Be sure to watch in High Quality.
Jay Wilson:"We've also added a way to quick-swap between two mouse-based skills using the mouse wheel or the tab key. These additions make for a game that remains so simple you can play with just the mouse, but allows for easy skill combinations and deeper, more satisfying combat."
Okay, what happened to this? You can't play with just a mouse, there is no quick-swap and I also notice the barbarian using a pick-axe weapon, where exactly did those go?
Jay Wilson:"These new axes are enchanted with frost and electricity, enhancing their damage and allowing them to stun and freeze enemies."
Alright, enhances damage, check. St--wait now, electricity stuns and frost freezes enemies? You at least had the courtesy to allow cold damage to slow but as far as elemental damage mechanics go in this game... where is the stun from electricity and the freeze from frost from the ITEMS? What exactly happened to the mechanics of ALL the OTHER elements on weapons?
Throwing knives?
Are you kidding me? You cut ELIXIRS from the game as well? I even had this on a suggestion list here:
The lack of attribute points to spend would have made the elixir mechanic from Diablo 1 Amazing. What the Eff?
*Barbarian climbs down a ladder*
Wow, actually making good use of the 3D engine you chose to use? That's a horrible idea, lets scrap that and all other ideas like this that make the game world less linear and less boring.
*Debris falls down and creates an impassable gap in the dungeon, Barbarian Leaps over*
Using character skills to get past dungeon obstacles? Sweet, I'm gonna go try this right now-- oh, what? This was scrapped too?
I'm noticing multiple problems here...
What happened to this pop up cinematic dialogue between your character and others during quests?
What happened to disposable followers during quests?
Jay Wilson:"The next area is guarded by skeletal shield-men that can block a lot of damage. They are backed up by skeletal archers who can do massive damage while the Barbarian is trying to bash through those shields."
**Arrows clink off the shields* The Skeletons truly do block a lot of damage*
Umm okay, why in the current game do they block once and then lose their shield completely? They're pathetic now.
Also what happened to strategic monster placement such as this? I notice it exists for the shield-men and archers but what about the rest of the monsters in the game?
Jay Wilson:"You can expect Diablo 3 to be filled with cool events that tell our story and bring the game world to life."
Really? That's awesome, Jay. So where is the part I missed about Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal being suddenly trapped in the black soulstone along with Azmodan and Belial? I must have missed something huge because all of a sudden they're all combined into the prime evil.
Wow, that Thousand Pounder, sure looks awesome all glowy and stuff. Where can I find one in game like this? ...That was cut too? Are you serious?
Jay Wilson:"Diablo is first and foremost a cooperative game. There's nothing better than bashing monsters with your friends."
Really, Jay? Do you really believe yourself at this point in time? There are less player slots per game than there are character classes. For those of us that can't count, that's 5 character classes and only 4 people allowed in a game at once. The previous games allowed all classes to fit in one game +1 additional player.
Jay Wilson:"...lets see what a real fight looks like."
Indeed, that was awesome, is there any reason at all why the current boss fights aren't this creative?
*Siegebreaker Assault Beast Fatality: Barbarian is picked up and has his head bitten off*
Wow, let me guess, cut from the game right? Yep, but it goes beyond that. This entire video was orchestrated to be an advertisement. Jay Wilson is telling you to expect these things in the game but we have Blue Posters even admitting that Fatalities were a farce. They were scripted events with someone "typing them in with a keyboard" so they would happen at appropriate times.
01/30/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Bashiok
The one we showed of the siegebreaker was a scripted sequence we set up specifically for that video. It was never implemented, and never actually worked without someone sitting there typing in a bunch of commands to get it all to fire off properly
*Siegebreaker immolates into ash as unholy energy disperses out of it's remains and plummets into the ground, hordes of skeletons spawn from the points of impact*
Again, amazing...where exactly do I get this game and how much does it cost? Is there some super secret level in the current game that will allow me to experience things like this?

If a Blue has actually bothered to read this far this thread is probably going to be deleted. I'd suggest you read my constructive post on how to properly fix this game, though. If you care at all about your customers. Without their feedback your company is nothing.


With that said. That was only one video. Let's continue on to Blizzcon (And GamesCom 2011) for all the people that will say "Oh that was just an alpha" Ignoring the fact that the last video was fed to us as an Ad. I urge you to watch it in it's entirety.

GamesCom 2011 - Jay Wilson Interview (Fullscreen, pause, watch in HD and take this in)
Really? SIX Attribute search slots for the auction house? Do we need this? Nah, let the players struggle on their own with the interface, who cares! We still get money!
[Props to for reminding me of this.]
Aug 21, 2012 UPDATE: OMGWTFBBQ We finally get our 6 slots back!! It only took them nearly a FULL YEAR to realize leaving this in the game was a good idea. WOW! GIVE YOURSELVES A PAT ON THE BACK, BLIZZARD!
"Number of "Preferred Stats" allowed per search increased from 3 to 6"

GamesCom 2011 - Jay Wilson Interview
*Jay Wilson on Banners*
Jay Wilson:"...You'll get new bases and new crests..."
06/13/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Lylirra
It was an awesome idea in concept, but just didn't work out well in execution. We found that, while the base accents looked really cool in some places like the character screen and other menus, they were extremely difficult to see while you were actually in game -- which kind of defeated the point. We're going to be looking at additional ways for players to customize their banners and show off their accomplishments (ideally in ways that are visible while playing).

Translation: Nothing new here, you aren't getting this even though you thought you were/Hold your breath while we make you wait for no reason for something that will never come.
Jay Wilson:"They are per character, and you can also save, uh, kind of several variations of, of your banner. So you can kind of switch to your favorite ones as you move back and forth between your characters."
Kind of?? Kind of, but really not at all...

*Jay Wilson on the RMAH*
Jay Wilson:"So since we know players do this anyway, um, and risk account theft‡* and fraud and you know, just flat out losing their money†* and not getting the item they paid for... Um, since we know players are gonna do that, uh, the question we ask ourselves is why would we not just provide this service and reduce or eliminate all these other problems of fraud, and and uh and account theft. So, by doing that we're providing players with a service that we know they want, um and an environment that's much more secure."
Sometimes I feel like I'm picking on a handicapped person... (1.8 million results)

*SECURITY BREACH (Aug 4 2012, less than 3 months in.)
This was predicted by me months ago.
Jay Wilson:"The stash is massive. It's very very very big."
No, it's not, I'm forced to mule as it is right now. At least in Diablo 2 we were able to make an unlimited amount of accounts to hold our items, this pales in comparison to that.
Christian Lichtner:"...the dye system will also have, uh, [incomprehensible] rare dyes, meaning that you'll be able to just have, find, or even craft very rare dyes..."
Jay Wilson, maybe. But, Christian? I'm surprised at you. This never made it into the game either, buddy.
*Jay Wilson on Numbers in the game and making numbers "awesome"*
Jay Wilson:"...0.1% doesn't sound very awesome. So for us it's like no, it's a big number, it's 25, 50, 100% more. Whatever number basically sounds cool when we get it. So, we're really working on the system to make sure that these don't feel like weird numbers that you're not sure what to do. Diablo customization is very straight forward. The idea is very, you know, simple to grasp, and that's important to us."
I'm not sure if this even needs another source or explanation if you've played the game, and paid attention to all the nerfs. Smoke screen lasts 1 second, runed it lasts 1.5 seconds, Serenity's buff to allies lasts 1 second, down from 2 seconds, need I go on? These numbers sure sound cool.
*On tons of viable builds, 2.8 TRILLION builds, MELEE Wizard etc.*
I didn't understand exactly what was going on in this video until I played the game, this is NOT a "melee Wizard" as Jay puts it. What exactly is melee about holding an axe and using SPELLS to kill things? This game doesn't support such a thing as a melee Wizard.

Jay Wilson:"...not a common build for a wizard, but a viable one."
What I immediately see is a Wizard with Explosive Blast, Wave of Force, Slow Time, Diamond Skin, Normal Attack, and Spectral Blade. The only reason this is viable at all is because of all the SPELLS he's using. Do you SEE what happens when he stops using spells with his ultra fun build to use Normal Attack? He puts up Diamond Skin and ALMOST DIES. Phew, good thing those AOE spells saved that "viable melee wizard" from dying.
*"Viable Builds over Optimal Builds" 2.8 TRILLION builds*

This next quote is a long one but probably the most important one of this thread...

Jay Wilson:"So why? Why Viable over optimal? Why are we even talking about this? So, Diablo has tons and tons of customization, we did the math on the new skill systems with the combination of passives and runes and we threw a crazy number out, uh, a few years back like 69 Billion, we're really more in the area of 2.8 Trillion- Trillion? Trillion. [2.8] Trillion builds. So that's a lot of builds. Um, and why? Why so many builds? Because customization is self expression, and if you have to build a character to be perfectly optimized, that's not really going to allow you to customize that character.

So our job is to make sure that, yeah, that, you know, while there might be some best builds there's tons and tons of viable ones. It's totally okay for there to be best builds, it's totally okay for someone to go 'you know what, I made this Barbarian and he's got like 0.5% more damage than any other build you can possibly make.' And you know what, there's nothing wrong with that...unless you can't...unless that number becomes 'oh this, this Barbarian's like 50% more powerful.'

So if we can get enough builds into that range of 'these are all viable, they can play at the max level.' It means you can play the character you want to play at max level and not be beholding anyone. So what we say is, go out, have fun, be free and make the Diablo character you want to make."

That last one was incredibly long, depressing and insulting in my opinion, and he just gobbles up the applause. I think that concludes my point. Can anybody reading this tell me this is true? Anybody in Inferno having fun with "crazy builds?"

Here's a couple afterthoughts:
Jay Wilson:"Don't screw it up!"
Besides the fact that Obsidian ring of the Zodiac was a magical item from Diablo 1 and NOT Diablo 2, you said you'd be "better" about things like this but prior unique items from the past games are still lacking consistency...I sure don't feel lied to. Blizzard is awesome...
Jay Wilson:"It's a Blizzard game, it's gotta be good. It's gotta be more than good, it's gotta be great, and if it's not great, then, it doesn't go out."
Christian Lichtner:"If we can make a game that we're really, really proud of and we feel this is the best game we can make and that maybe takes an extra three months, uh, to make or a little bit longer, I think the community at the end of the day will actually appreciate that. And you know, we were happy with it before but I think it definitely turned even better now."
Jay Wilson:"It's a really, it was a really hard decision, but as we like to say: "No one will remember if it was late, they'll only remember whether it was great.""

04/04/2012 12:44 AMPosted by Bashiok
Our item pool philosophy is that you can break an urn and get the best item in the game - it's all a matter of chance. Running more difficult areas and taking on more difficult enemies will not always be the most efficient way to find upgrades.

06/20/2012 04:36 PMPosted by Bashiok
Yeah, that's getting thrown around a lot, and I agree we've damaged that goal, but we do have an obligation to try to keep the game in check. We're working on ways to get back to that, though. I don't think any of us thinks the game is perfect, and I doubt we ever will. It's an ongoing process.

One of many "damaged goals", most of which you have no explanation for, yet you people will always have a backup excuse for everything to deflect the real issues. How about some apologies from the developers for releasing a broken beta to the public? You only got our money due to the over-hype of the Diablo name. How about some in-game compensation to the players instead of every single patch having a laundry list full of nerfs?

(Sorry, this one would not quote properly)
Posted by Bashiok:
I'm aware of internal bets on how many months it will take someone to beat Inferno.
LOL How'd that go for them, and who exactly cashes out when everybody loses?

At first I was like...
(Posted by Bashiok 5/15/2012
Luckily, unlike other games, regardless of how quickly you want to rush to the end, the near-limitless content provided through randomized events, dungeons, enemies and items (and their random drop chance) mean that you'll be able to play for years to come.

Welcome to Diablo III, please enjoy.

04/04/2012 12:44 AMPosted by Bashiok
Boredom doesn't generally come from content repetition, it comes from lack of ability to progress, or ease of progression.

But then I was like...
07/03/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Bashiok
We recognize that the item hunt is just not enough for a long-term sustainable end-game.
LOL, my how your tune has changed.

04/04/2012 12:44 AMPosted by Bashiok
I'm happy most of you are happy about the change, and I know you're going to love the game.

04/04/2012 12:44 AMPosted by Bashiok
Those few of you who don't like it, you'll love the game too because you're wrong. ;)

Oh, yep, you got me, you said it so it must be so! After all, you were so factually correct all those other times.

Again I urge Blue posters to actually look at my suggestion thread here:

I tried to be constructive and fell on deaf ears/blind eyes. So I hope I have your attention now.
06/03/2012 02:00 AMPosted by Orbitus
I see they haven't banned you yet since you felt the need to repost this useless thread AGAIN. Excuse me while I flag it for deletion AGAIN. God I am tired of whiney brats.

How dare someone have a different opinion than yours.
I see they haven't banned you yet since you felt the need to repost this useless thread AGAIN. Excuse me while I flag it for deletion AGAIN. God I am tired of whiney brats.

How dare someone have a different opinion than yours.

The exact thread before this was an opinion. (Meaning the first time he posted this thread.)

Now it's spam.
06/03/2012 02:00 AMPosted by Orbitus
I see they haven't banned you yet since you felt the need to repost this useless thread AGAIN. Excuse me while I flag it for deletion AGAIN. God I am tired of whiney brats.

You are actually the biggest whiney brat.
Omg this guy is being informative, FLAG FOR DELETE
There we go, you are not violating forum rules. Good job!
well if they take it down again someone else will just repost it.

How dare someone have a different opinion than yours.

The exact thread before this was an opinion.

Now it's spam.

And was deleted, before it was spam, likely due to reporting for deletion by people who disagreed (Like the poster above). Thereby warranting a repost.
Something familiar here.... hmmm...
i'm not a 'blizzard stooge' or a fanboy. it seems all people want to do is sit on this forum all day and post the same crap over and over about how they hate the game, and try to convince everybody else that it sucks too. if its really so bad that all you can do is complain, then what are you hanging around for?
06/03/2012 02:00 AMPosted by Orbitus
I see they haven't banned you yet since you felt the need to repost this useless thread AGAIN. Excuse me while I flag it for deletion AGAIN. God I am tired of whiney brats.

It was deleted because he posted is title in all caps. Not because you flagged it for deletion. You're not an all important or all knowing person. There is no flag for deletion but a report button. Get off your high horse. Talk about whiney brats yet here you are whining about his thread. Kinda hypocritical isn't it?

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