Diablo 3 black screen , had to force shutdown

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I think a lot of people have been having similar issues to this (all slightly different, but basically the same). I thought it was my computer, but after reading these forums I'm going to wait before buying new parts....

Right now this is my issue: After 5-10 mins of gameplay (usually after I restart my computer), i will get either a BSOD, black screen, frozen game with a sound loop, or just a plain automatic restart. Sometimes it will even mess up mid-restart after this happens and need to be force-shut down.

It's not even always mid-gameplay; it will do it sometimes if i'm just browsing the AH (but still 5-10 mins after I start the game)
I have the same problem. After around 10 minutes i get a black screen, sound looping and i have to force restart. It happens so long as i have Diablo 3 open.
Same problem for me as well. My time varies though. Once it was only 5 mins into a game and just recently I had been playing for about an hour and a half. Blacked out in town while I was looking at my inventory.
I've read quite a few threads on black screens and FPS issues and so far numerous people have said they have powerful systems and still have these problems. I wouldn't buy new hardware and expect this to go away. Save your money, its a Bliz problem.
Yeah my hardware is fine. Been playing like a champ since game came out. Just started doing it this afternoon.

Have 100+ hours under my belt and this is the first issue I've had. Sucks.

Updating drivers...gonna see if anything changes.
Just had this start happening to me.

Updated drivers, still happening.
Same thing here. Been playing since release without issues.. Since last night now i am unable to stay signed in for more then 3-4 mins before i get the BSOD.. and i strongly advise people not to keep trying repeatedly! For some strange reason it started making my pc have trouble rebooting after the like 15th time i tried(im stubborn lol). Hopefully blizz gets off their **ses and fixes this.. cus im able ready to give up on this game after all the crap i've already had to put up with... :(
I'm glad we have blue posts on this subject ffs
i got this problems after update

Be4 this happened i used to play full screen, not any problems happened, but after update, i got this issue happened on me several times today already, i m getting tired of it...

have tried to use window mode, failed

and i believe it is not my pc issue
Just bought and installed the game, right after hitting the play button in the launcher, it plays a 30 sec audio clip which i guess is the intro music, all with black screen, then black screen and nothing else.

Please address this matter Blizzard...
Btw. i'm running it in a 13' Macbook Pro bought in January.
even until today there is no solution yet from blizz or Nvidia or ATI.

I believe it is not overheating issue since my GPU temp stable at 47 C at all time, with fans at max 5,900rpm.

Currently i can't stays more than half an hour for 1st time then 5-10 min next second-third.

Before patch 1.03 i played 8-10 hours a day without problem with full screen and fps 150
Same problem for me, black screen randomly after a while of playing, forced reboot. Then black screen sooner next time. Would be nice if they'd at least acknowledge the problem :(

Edit: Got this from another thread, the 2nd problem seems to be the one affecting most :)

FIX for Diablo 3 keeps shutting down my computer. (See Below)

I've had (2) PC's with this issue, they both turn off my computers after 5 to 15 minutes of gameplay. This shouldn't be possible because both PC's are hooked to a UPS and if I unplug the UPS from the wall, neither PC shuts down. Thats how I know the game/vid card is actually turning off the PC.

I can play other games that are just as graphically intense, if not more intense, and this does not happen. SO WHATS GOING ON??? Two factors are coming into play here.

First issue is heat. If you have a vid card that has an Auto setting for fan control, DO NOT USE IT!!! Manually set the fan speed for your vid card to 80 to 90 percent, remember, you can never have too much fan! I had this same issue with StarCraft 2. Everytime SC2 went to a cut scene the card would over heat because the auto setting on the fan would drop down to minimum during the cut scene and the card would get hot and close the game. I took the fan off auto, never happened again.

Second issue is a setting in the Video settings in Diablo 3. Go into Video and find "Max Foreground FPS". It's set to 150 by default. Your common LCD only does 60hz. This setting is giving it permission to run faster than it ever needs to. Even if your awesome video card runs Diablo 3 at 200 FPS it doesn't matter if your monitor will only show you 60 FPS. The default setting of 150 is also making the GPU get hot. The computer at this point is shutting down to keep itself from physically damaging itself. Once I changed the "Max Foreground Setting" to 60, NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN on either PC.

(1) Take your video card fan control off AUTO and let it run at 80 to 90 percent constantly.

(2) Set your "Max Foreground FPS" setting to 60 FPS instead of the default 150 FPS.

Thanks to BoxMan#1357 for the info.
I have the same problem as the author of the thread. But before searching the forums, I made a ticket to battle.net support. And three days later received this:

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Support. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. At the moment we are very busy with Diablo and other promotions.

The first thing we would suggest to you, is to check and maybe change the cable thats connected to your monitor to rule out whether this might be causing the issue. Also the next step is to downgrade your drivers to this
285.62 to see if the issue will resolve for you. At the moment it is a known issue with Nvidia drivers.

Please remove any lint , dust that may cause the card or fans to overheat.

If there is anything else i can help you with , please feel free to contact us by replying to this ticket.

Have a great day and thank you

Now for me, rolling my drivers back, did not work. Also cleaning all dust from inside my pc and checking the cables did not fix it either. But it may work for anyone else.

Also it's been suggested to Set "Max Foreground FPS" to 60 FPS from 150 FPS, which I've tried, but has not fixed my problem.

The only thing I have not tried which has been suggested is changing my video card fan control off auto and running it at 80 to 90%, does anyone know how to do this with Windows 7 64-bit. My video card is nvidia GeForce GTS 240 also.

Nice to blueposts also; but i'm sure Blizzard are working on this.
I am having this issue right now too. Is this becoming a common thing? I really would like to see this problem fixed been doing nothing but giving money to blizzard, it'd probably be smart for them to keep us able to play.
same here GTS 250 graphics card. Even in windowed mode BSOD (Black Screen of Diablo3)!!!!
Same problem here for me. GTX 570M. Whenever I play in a multiplayer game, I get the lockup with the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound loop. Tried the following drivers from NVIDIA: 285.62, 296.10, 301.42, and 304.79 (BETA). No love.
OK so after many trials and tribulations I can confirm that it is a heat issue on my card. I am running NVIDIA 304.79 (BETA) on a GTX 570M in an MSI laptop with Win7 64 bit. It turns out on the MSI laptop there is a 'turbo' fan button on the soft touch buttons that I never saw (I run dual monitors and use my laptop as a desktop). Anyway, hitting that turbo fan button runs the fans non stop at max rpm (sounds like a blow dryer). As soon as I do that, I played for 8 hours multiplayer and no issue. The GPU did max temperature according to CPUID HW monitor at 63C. I have blown out the machine so there should be no dust or debris. I don't believe it is CPU related as I ran Prime95 8 threads on max for 8 hours w/o issue.
been having the same problem as the original poster. has this been resolved? been afraid to try logging in, i dont wanna fry my comp.

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