What do the nerfs mean for barb?

I believed all along that Inferno was the problem, not the barbarian class. I actually had some mild success with a DH friend yesterday in act 2. Hardly endgame but neither of us has great gear. Even with the buffed damage monsters and the fact that A2 tuning in general whoops barbarian !@#, I didn't find it impossibly hard. I was legitimately tanking elites for several seconds with 35k hp, 70-72% mitigation from both armor/resist, and alternating ground stomp, ignore pain, and simply running in between CDs. It feels like with an overall nerf, plus (more importantly) the co op damage reduction, barb could actually become very viable, ESPECIALLY in groups. Thoughts?
small buff for barb. buff for everyone else too

increased repair costs will strangle most struggling players

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