Nexon owns 15% stock of NCSoft

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What does this mean for GW2? Nexon will virtually steal all your money and give you expiring cash shop items that are pay to win. That's what Nexon is good at it, convincing their consumers to pay real money for virtual items to dominate the game. Your thoughts?
This will be different from activision-blizzard... how?
06/08/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Caelsar
This will be different from activision-blizzard... how?


Ncsoft will be giving us a few good games, blade & soul, lineage 3 (finally!) and some other (Wildstar?) but all in all, they have some good games they are publisher of.

Guild Wars 1, Guild Wars 2, they have Lineage 1 (came in 1998 and had over 4 million subs, that is AWSOME for being so god damn old) and they have...

The best game ever... Lineage 2! and now they will come with Lineage 3... soon...
All i see is my money... goes to ncsoft... but that's just me.

Don't mention Aion, it sucked big time. Every developer and publisher has a dent, Aion is ncsofts dent.
Didn't Lineage 2 get canned like instantly and screw a bunch of customers out? Maybe I'm thinking of a different MMO sorry.

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