Tal Rasha Set

So I have been curious about this set and its standing in comparison to the other level 60 class sets.

As it stands right now, the set bonuses increase specific elemental damage by 3% depending on how many pieces you hold. I really think these bonuses should be changed in some way.

If we look at the bonuses for the other class sets:

Zunimassa - 130 Int - 55 All Resists - 10 Mana per kill
Inna's - 130 Dex - Spirit Regen .33 - +10 Life per Spirit Spent
IK - 60 All Resists - 2% Reduce Melee Dmg - 5 Max fury and Fury gain
Nat's - +7% Crit - 130 Dex - Discipline Regen

The issue I see is that the set bonuses from these sets aid the class no matter which build they go.

Wizards enjoy the spec of different elements. We can go pure lightning, cold, fire, arcane, etc. Which makes me think that the 3% buffs should all be from 1 benefit, like the 4 piece bonus, which should include arcane.

Every other class also gets a resource regen and either stat or resist +.

Lastly, I know Blizz plans on buffing legendary items, but do you think sets will get a change in the future? Also, what are your opinions on the set bonuses?
wait ... I thought if you got all 4 pieces you get benefits from all stats (including 2 piece and 3 pice bonus) ?

Although I do agree that a 3 % increase in certain element is not as helpful as some of the other stats ...
Yes you get Fire (2) Lightning (3) and then Cold at (4) pieces. I'm saying these bonuses should all be from 1 out of 3 of the bonuses like when you get all 4 pieces you get +3% to Fire/Lightning/Cold/Arcane. Then there should either by a stat or resist bonus, and a max arcane or regen bonus.
i plan on just getting 3 pieces of zuni instead of going after tal rasha's set
the sad part about tals, is there isnt even a 3% boost to arcane through the whole set.
Were the bonuses the same in D2? It's been so long that I forget. Maybe Blizzard just wants to keep them faithful to their older counterparts (they even have MF as well), and doesn't really care too much about them being good, since legendaries and sets are so weak in this game compared to rares (their explicitly mentioned design intent)

It really is pretty bad though, even if it was 3% to Arcane I would be happy because we use Arcane spells so often.
if I remember correctly the bonus for tal rasha's was magic find, +3 to all skills, and 1 or 2 other fairly arbitrary stats
What would be nice is a word from a blue confirming that sets are also being looked @ to be "buffed" in the 1.1 patch along with legendary items.
It could be that I misunderstood how the set bonuses worked, but I was interpreting it added 3% to your overall damager per bonus, similar to how weapons list +100-200 "arcane damage". Thus, when I read the set bonus, I had assumed it was adding +9% to your overall damage, which would almost be equivalent to a second buff of magic weapon.
05/31/2012 10:00 AMPosted by Seraphim
What would be nice is a word from a blue confirming that sets are also being looked @ to be "buffed" in the 1.1 patch along with legendary items.

Set items are legendary items, check the label under their names. I read that they were coloured orange too so the change to use green must have been very recent before launch.
Does that mean we are gauranteed a buff on the set?
If im not mistaken tal rasha has 5 parts right? So aside from the 4 part bonus, what bonus do we really get when we complete all 5?
Hope we glow ^.^
Blizzard said they will not boost any current legandarys. They will only add new and better ones.
06/03/2012 02:49 PMPosted by Seraphim
Hope we glow ^.^

And get an achievement as well as working towards a 2nd one.
absolutely nothing.. I'm pissed i finally could afford it and bought it.
does tal rasha and zuni set stack?
so you don't glow with the whole set?

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