How to fix Diablo 3 "Error 14009"

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Guys i had the same problem until a few minutes ago. I had tried deleting the cache (didn't work), tried creating a new admin account (didn't work), but just a few minutes ago i tried switching my default server to Asia and i logged in!! (of course my characters were not there so i logged off changed back to my original server and now it works!! try it out !!!
I get this Error 14009 and i instal the game in what can i do now on vista,pls help
14009 happend to me also, but I'd rather stop play, then appling solutions, those force me to making new OS profiles, just to be able to play.
I have the error 14009 today for the first time, but
- I can not make a addmin acount on this computer
and other solutions didn't work...

I guess Blizzard is not going to do with that, because it looks like they do not care much, so if You have any ideas or solutions that worked keep on posting
this thread is dead.... which sucks because there is NO SOLUTION! sorry but you cannot play? I've re installed the game and deleted all files. Logged in to a new server and ran it under a new administrator. Nothing. Unplayable. I used to poop for 30 minutes making a build for d2, reading about skill trees and tactics, I just want to re live those memories and crush a demon or two... but i cant. I want the old blizzard back.
This is why the offline mode is needed. cannot play by your rules
I want to bring this up again its still not fixed are there new solutions because the rename/delete of the file did nothing, I think it only made it angrier :( please I want the expansion but im not getting it until this is resolved!
I know I just posted but it really is unfair to all of us we cant play it despite paying for it and nothing is being done, I know its not wow but can you show your old school gamers some love :'(
Same here deleted cache created new admin account.. still not working. Shame because this is the first time i log on since 6 months.
You are spot on, I have pretty much had all I can take of Diablo III errors the hell is going on
After trying to work with Blizzard to get this fixed, and then being told by them that it was my problem because I couldn't get admin rights for the computer I was using (yes, a work laptop.) I finally tried the solution by Cheezus in another thread - to log onto a friends computer, play a moment, then log out and log back on to my computer - and it worked. I frankly can't believe that Blizzard couldn't have done something to fix this, but the sense I had was that they didn't care that some small percentage of players such as myself couldn't get into the game they paid for. Shame on Blizzard for just about every aspect of this...

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