AUCTION HOUSE - Why Not Shut It Down, and FIX

Bug Report
I'm among the many who can't seem to get auction to function properly at all. Yet, somehow Blizzard is leaving a broken, inoperative feature active. That's just stupid.

Why not disable all listings at this point? Allow them all to sell/expire... push the auction completed items into player stashes... and the FIX whatever the issue is with the auction houses. Having the auction houses open while you try to identify/squash an auction bug is tantamount to firing a gun at a moving target while blindfolded.

Having the feature active when it is clearly broken is not earning you any points with players. I would much rather you close it down for a couple days and fix the problem for good instead of tinkering with an active house for a week solid.
Yea it's getting pretty ridiculous and quite annoying. I'm running into a few errors when trying to put an item up for auction.
"Only 0 auctions are allowed ..."
im once again in the position where all 10 of my items are invisible. i love this auction house

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