35 Small Improvements for Diablo 3

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If I have a stack of gems, potions, or blacksmithing/jewelcrafting pages in my bags, and I run over one that's lying on the ground, I'd like to auto-loot it without having to click on it.

I understand why gear shouldn't auto-loot, but as long as you have one stackable item in your bags, there is never a reason not to pick up another.
Good post, hope most of these are implemented soon!
65) As a new(er) player, I would like all the potions on the potion select window (when you right-click your current potion) to either be sorted by amount of health healed, or display tooltips so I know which potion is most effective. I had trouble remembering which ones were Super and which were Greater or Heroic, etc.

66) As a player, I would like the ability to compare items in my inventory to my follower's current equipment.
As a solo player, I dont want to join the chat channels every time I log in. Give me an option to never join them automatically.

As a player who finished the story multiple times, give me the option to auto-skip every movie and cut-scene.
Completely agree with 1, 27, 28 and 29.

3 would be really nice since I've more than once tried to activate an ability that seemed to be ready, but wasn't.

Completely agree with 7. Now I activate magic weapon every time I activate energy armor, which is a lot more than needed.

Agree with 11. So annoying to enter a game, repair and leave the game again just to be able to sell them (or even see what they do). Solves 21 too.

I don't understand why 16 wasn't in the game from the beginning (considering everything else they've put in). If they think it makes the game too hard/confusing for some people, then just wait until the start of nightmare before informing the player. Normal is basically an introduction but if you move on to nightmare you're obviously interested in more than the story. The same goes for "advanced tooltips" or whatever it is called (the option that turns on damage% etc on skills).

Not sure if 18 is necessary, but I guess it could be helpful if you want/need to use a skill and don't know if you have enough "mana", or want to know that you don't waste too much if you need an emergency teleport for example.

22 and 31 are two of many improvements of the AH that should be done asap. Being able to filter rings and "sources" (orb/skulls/etc) by damage is another.

Since Blizzard doesn't like constant swapping of skills I don't think 23 is probable, but I think it's a good idea. It would be nice to be able to save a fire build for my wiz and then try to find a good ice build, save that and try to make a melee build. After a week or two I want to return to that fire build I liked, but then I might have forgot what skills/runes/passives I used and get frustrated because I can't remember the exact build. They could put a significant cooldown on it (or something like that) so people don't use it too much (but there's already so much that discourage people from doing that.
Another one that should be added...
After reaching lvl 60 allow the experience bar to continue at the rate of experience it takes to reach lvl 60 but instead, everytime you reach a full bar since theres no more levels to gain just award us with like say 10k gold ?
This is probably the best user post on the entire damn forums. It'd be nice to have an all inclusive sticky to post constructive feedback. Rated up, requested sticky, good job OP!
Completely agree on this. Those are changes that makes the game more enjoyable to play and even for some things I'm not sure why it isn't already implented.
Would like to see monk gaining spirit when attacking invuln minions and monks coming back to life with full spirit.
+1 for OP

But i think you should remove item 32 from the list.

05/30/2012 06:44 PMPosted by Matthest
As a ranged player, I want invulnerable minions to not block projectiles so that I can actually kill an invulnerable minion pack.

This goes against the non-controversial, non-balance oriented tone you set in the beginning of the thread.

Invulnerable mobs are a balance problem that many people are talking about already, i think this has nothing to do here. Especially since the solution you're asking for is completely not balanced (only ranged players will benefit).
Please either move the stash in ACT 1 or move the town portal spell - i keep falling into the portal when trying to access the stash...

thanks !
i would like to see all of this except 32, balance wise ranged players will have the Advantage then.

but other then that, Get on this blizz!
Sticky this, flag his account for future Beta testing. (expansions)
when i search for weapons id like to be able to specify a dps range or at least a minimum

id like to be able to search for more than 3 attributes

id really also prefer if gems didnt skew results. sometimes an item looks better than another until you realize the other one is a better item with no gem
I like the fact that the OP was polite and more importantly extremely specific

Need them all!
Very nice suggestions OP. Good job! :D

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