No Signal display loss with GeForce GTX 295

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Out of curiosity, do you still have your original driver disk for the GTX 295? If you do, try out those drivers. They are going to be really out of date, but its worth a shot. The game will give you a message that the drivers are out of date, but you can bypass them by hitting the ESC key when the message comes up.

Let me know.
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Thanks for getting back on this, Dan. Tomorrow I have off work so I will be able to run out and see if I can find a PSU tester (just to make sure there isn't anything wrong with the power supply itself.) Actually, I do have the original driver disks for my cards. So I can try installing those and see if it makes any difference.

I've still installed D2:LOD tho. =)
Installing the older drivers had no effect. Still had the same issue almost immediately attempting to play D3.

Thanks for the update. That was something that had resolved some issues for a few other players, so thought it was worth a shot.
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If you can't find a solution to your issue, feel free to contact a Support Representative directly for further assistance. Their contact information can be found at the following link:

I'm available on the forums Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
I have not had too much time to test but it seems to be working.

After reading alot I was starting to think that I have not been cleaning out my Graphics cards well enough over time. Due to my lack of dust control, I believe my cards were running too hot at my demanding resolution and cutting out to protect the CPU.

I removed 1 of the GeForce295 completely and stopped running in SLI mode. However it would still occasionally clip out over time. I opened up my box and put a large fan right on top of the card. I let the card cool down. Under this scenario, the bug was greatly reduced.

Since I have a recently updated my Board and PSU (I have been leaning more towards my dirty cards overheating. I have cleaned the cards but it does not seem to work well enough.

(EVGA, X58SLI3) I read up that the GeForce 570 does not heat up as much and runs DirectX 11 better so I decided to upgrade to two of those for $550.00. I have since installed them and everthing seems to be running every well.

I can run at full screen in 2560 x 1440 all set to ultra. Same with Diablo 3 and SWTOR. I will be installing some FPS today to further test. But it seems to be working. Already the programs seem less buggy with the 295.

So not the cheapest or smartest solution. It works for me because I recently replaced alot of my core parts so this upgrade made the most sense. I just wanted something to hold me over until I jump into Liquid Cooled land.

So for my 2 cents, I think in my case the situation was pointing to 1 of my 295X heating up too much. I chose to upgrade because I am used to running everything in Ultra and watching Nexflix on my second screen. (Is there any better way to farm?)

I will be pushing the system and see if my theory blows up in my face. Fingers crossed.
Just a quick update: it is taking me some time to get a hold of a tester. My intention is to verify that the power supply is good. If so, I will try swapping out to a different video card.

So far, since the system reinstall (and only running on one card instead of 2 with SLI) I have had no further trouble with WoW or SWTOR.

With regards to the testing of the 295 card internally, I'm curious for how long the QA team ran D3 with the cards. Because my problem did not show up immediately. When I first installed the game, I played through normal difficulty without any trouble until I got to Act III. That was where I first started having trouble and had to try turning down the FX settings. This seemed to fix it for a while, but then the problem cropped back up on the Diablo fight. That was when I had to turn down the frames. The issue steadily worsened after that and now it usually doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes in Act III for the video crash to occur. I never have any trouble in the menus or AH. I'm not sure exactly how many hours of play it took me to get to Act III. I wasn't going particularly fast and it was over several sessions... perhaps 10-20 hours? I would hope that the QA folks would be testing over multiple hours of normal play, but since I also know that some of these things are blackboxed to make the testing go faster (I have done QA work in the past) I know that a more rigorous testing routine on individual configurations isn't always done. Originally I had two cards in the machine SLI linked but SLI was disabled in my nvidia control panel.
Patch 1.0.3 did not fix the problem, just so ya know. =P
latest update didn't fix the problem.
also checked my bios with a friend ( hes a programer)
and checked my power supply yet again with voltage on rails.
every thing is fine .. and the problem still accrues with lowest setting.

also just wanted to mention that this problem is not conclusive to gtx 295 .. check around in D3 forum and u'll see many other cards have the same problem.

thanks for all the attention from Blizz support and hope this problem is resolved soon.
I have the same video cards and am having the same exact problems under the same conditions.

2x gtx 295s

one monitor in each video card.

full screen windowed.

I don't need to go into detail because its exactly the same as the OP described.

Just noting it here so we all know its not an isolated incident.
I have been reading a lot lately, sad to say I have the exact same problem on my GTX295. Never had any problem with card till I started playing diablo (and it only happen on diablo). Reinstall OS, update and original drivers, still after a few mins- no signal to monitor, can't do anything but hard shutdown.
Change graphic card to a very old GT7800, bad graphics and frame rate, however it ran without any issues..... Sign...gonna have to buy another Graphic card....
Btw I forgot to mentioned, I have also monitored temperature using Nvidia system monitor, before and during game play, the gtx295 range from 40-43 degree C.
I also got the Gforce gtx295 and I got the very same thing going.... its not as bad as mentioned before, but d3 frequently blacks out....
One thing that wasnt mentioned is, that before the blackscreen I have 1 - 3 times a short signalloss previously. This occurs as follows:

1. Game freezes
2. Short blackscreen
3. I can see my desktop, hearing slashing sounds and dying monsters...
4. The game shows up againg and runs without issues.

i was getting that issue on my gtx 470 for a few weeks then it failed hope you have a backup if not be ready to get one
Getting this issue in wow. I've stopped playing D3 for a while but I bet it would probably happens too

I have a Geforce GTX570, I just read everything and tried everything. I played warcraft III without issues and times when wow was fine for 4+ hours.
I have a GTX295. I have had more than enough power to play with anything but had these issues with D3. Now the bl00dy issues are happening with WoW. What on earth is going on with the developers?
Have even tried the beta updates for drivers. Nothing is working. Could a proper fix please be provided? This is not happening with anything else
OK folks, first i want present this problem as an important one, main problem manifest both in WoW since Lich King expansion and recently after 1.03 patch in Diablo 3, both Blizzard games, after one of my friends got this problem in WoW not related with DIII it cant be a coincidence something is rong here...... now, i have this problem to :( .
My machine has:
  • Motherboard
  • - Asus Maximus II Formula - MAXIMUS-II-FORMULA
  • CPU
  • - Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 3.00GHz - BX80569Q9650
  • Memory
  • - Corsair 4GB DDR2 1066MHz CL5 - TWIN2X4096-8500C5D
  • Video
  • - BFG Tech GeForce GTX 285 - BFGRGTX2851024OCBE
  • PSU
  • - Professional Series HX750 - CMPSU-750HX
    Cpu Cooler- Zalman CNPS-9700-NT - CNPS-9700-NT
  • Case
  • - Antec Nine Hundred II - Nine Hundred II
  • HDDx2
  • - Western Digital 1TB SATA-II - WD1001FALS
    and running Windows Xp sp3 with latest drivers, cleaned OS updated Bios, down_graded video driver, no OC, all on default, and the damn problem ocurs only on this 2 games, other games that require more demanding cpu and gpu power runs flawless so it's on blizzard end from my point of view. Problem occurs not on a single machine, so is not isolated as u assumed, and from my experience, it occurs only when some graphfic details ocurs more than one in the same time. It ocurs mostly in multy-cooop sessions in DIII and less frecvent in Solo sessions. NOW please, investigate this problem more seriouse.... and help us, the unlucky customers that can't enjoy the game they bought!
    More than sad if the problem will have a solutin i'm willing to offer free beer for the savior !
    "The problem is on your end, game developers!" - i can say that with a 99% certainty. I don't know how you tested the compatibility of D3 with GTX295's but the crashes are clearly happening, and only and i mean ONLY with D3. Never played WoW myself but certainly have many other games, a few even more demanding than D3 like Crysis, SWTOR, Skyrim and a few others, with optimal settings on each mind you, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. And the issues are not anywhere near related to other drivers being outdated or the temperature of CPU's and GPU's. Through trial and error, raging from trying different versions of display drivers, playing with the game settings to completely reinstalling the OS, for me and thousands of other people that use the GTX295, the issue is clearly concerning the game of Diablo 3 and IT only. And by analyzing the feedback of many people over the last few weeks, this unbearable issue started happening after the last patches were applied to the game as prior to them the game ran more or less smoothly(judging by the feedback).

    As such i do request of you to review the testing of the game performance with the GTX295 graphics card again, on the Windows xp and 7 with the latest game patch applied. Perhaps you are doing so without me telling you, but if so it's clearly not working. And of course i mention that the time intervals of the crashes are irregular. Sometimes 10-15 minutes, the day before yesterday i played for about 5 hours before it crashed, but usually it happens quite frequently, today for example - 2 crashes with a 5-6 minute time frame each. :(
    So much anticipation i had for this game and when i finally purchased it, THIS started happening.

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to express myself in a civil manner on this subject. Please try to debug this issue on your end before suggesting we measure the temperatures of our GPU's or stress test our machines as that is clearly not the problem.
    So, been a while since I posted in this thread. Interesting to see the issue is still persisting. It doesn't surprise me.

    I've not been playing DIII, which oddly enough, solved my crashing issue...

    However, just recently I tried installing Guild Wars 2, just to see how it would play (I used my friends pre-purchase account).

    It gave me the same issue as D3. After just a couple minutes of gameplay the video card lost all signal and hard crashed the machine. This is after updating to the recommended nvidea BETA driver (recommended by of 304.79. Just curious if any of you who are having the issue with the 295 card in D3 also experience the issue with GW2.

    WoW is playing just fine though we will see what happens tomorrow after the pre-panda patch.
    A possible fix that has worked for me i have posted in this thread -
    As a 295 GTX user I thought that I would add my 2 cents. I first started having this issue with GW2 and it was extremely bad. At max 20 minutes in-game before signal loss but usually more like 30 seconds. (Though it was happening to all types of Nvidia cards and even some ATI according to the forum.)

    After tons of reading some people suggested that it might have to do with coding in the game engine. Conflicting so that the driver tried pushing the card beyond its limits and the driver was crashing.

    The only fix I ever found was to under-clock my card with MSI Afterburner by 100mhz on the Core Clock/Memory Clock. That stopped the no signal issue completely for me in GW2.

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