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So I have a question about wizard damage if anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it. Currently Im a lvl 52 wizard with 4.5k dps buffed. Now I figured that abilities that do 100% weapon damage should do around 4.5k damage but they do not do that at all. For example lightning orb hits for around 2k instead of 4k. Electrocute which is supposed to do 80% weapon damage does only 800-100 damage. I figured this would have to do with resists but when trying it on hell mobs and normal mobs there is no difference. If resists are based against the level of the thing hitting you than normal mobs should be taking full damage right?

I just don't understand why moves are doing way less damage then they supposedly should be.

Arcane orb should be 175% damage, doing 4k? If anyone can help would be much appreciated.

damage on your stat sheet is dps, which takes into account your attack speed.

some skill scales with just weapon damage, some scale with your dps.

try it with a slow 2 hander with the same dps as your main hand, youll see the difference.
thanks hysterical
Char sheet dps also factors in CC and CD, so it's more like an average dps value for skills you can spam. Otherwise, average 100% weapon damage is char sheet dps / APS, which gives you the average damage of a 100% weapon damage skill, including crits.

Also, only a few mobs have resists, as far as I know. Those are some ele spitting mobs in Act 2 (guardians or something like that). Otherwise most mobs have no resist at all, so your damage on normal is the same as it would be on inferno.
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