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Witch Doctor
Here is a spreadsheet that will allow you to calculate stat weights as well as how swapping in a piece of gear will change your damage. Editing is locked, so you will need to download it to enter the stats for your character. Feel free to build upon it and rehost.

Apologies if there are already such spreadsheets floating around. I couldn't find one.


It was accurate for my character down to 2 decimal places, but there are probably things I haven't accounted for. Notably, a table for calculating attacks per second should probably be built so that the actual number is used in place of the rounded number listed on the item.
Messing with it now thanks for this been looking for something like this
You know what would really help me further develop this spreadsheet? A 1000+ dps one hander with a 1.8s+ attack speed.... wtb rmah
sorry for the newbie question but how can I download it?
Diablofans.com posted about it on there front page and now the amount of traffic is affecting the ability to download. Refer to the post here please:

how do i downlaod it
Oh thanks btw for this!

Never got to say that but as soon as you posted this I have been abusing the hell out of it :p
How do you download it? - _ -
Anyone of you can explain how to download it?

Since its not edit able
You need a gmail account to sign in. Then I believe it's file and edit. I don't really remember it. You can also download it from the File menu.

I use this spreadsheet a lot. Very helpful in determining whether or not a weapon is worth buying.
I recommend you get a google account and then do a file save as - you will now have your own personal, private version of the ss.

The downside is that if the author changes it, you will have to go back.
The upside is you now have it, regedless of whether the author deletes it or makes it worse. And you can modify your copy of the ss.
Does this take into account Pierce the Veil passive?
06/05/2012 12:44 PMPosted by Arty
Does this take into account Pierce the Veil passive?

It has a "Total % dps increase from talents" field, so yes. You would put 20 in there for PtV
I think there's something wrong with the formula. I've triple checked everything and the spreadsheet says I have 10 more dps than what the game says. Not a big issue, but just a fyi
Not sure if you are also looking for some feedback on the spreadsheet, but from what I've played with so far, I like the setup. I'll have to wait until I get home from work to plug in my WD's stats and see how accurate it is. I was able to download it though and started playing around with the layout to accomodate my own laziness.

1. Added an 'Planned items to swap' area at the top duplicating the GREEN areas with their row/column description from 'Your current damage' layout minus the 'Baseline' and 'Character Sheet Total' columns so I could use it to enter in the item(s) I am thinking of swapping out. I now just enter in 0's under OH in this area to compare a MH-OH setup to a 2HD setup if necessary although I prefer MH-OH. (ties into one of my pet peeves about the D3 tooltip comparison between weapons as 2HD only compares with MH and not MH-OH combined)

2. Changed the GREEN areas for 'Damage after proposed gear swap' to be formulas to pull from the 'Your current damage' by default unless I populate one of the GREEN fields in my new 'Planned items to swap' area.
Formula I used is: =IF(LEN(TRIM(<ItemSwapCell>))>0,<ItemSwapCell>,<CurrentDmgCell>)

3. Moved the 'difference:' to the top so I no longer need to scroll down to see how the gear swap changed my damage.

Just some of my thoughts on the appearance and layout. Very nice job though pulling that all together. I'm far too lazy to have tried working out the numbers.
06/08/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Schrödinger
I think there's something wrong with the formula. I've triple checked everything and the spreadsheet says I have 10 more dps than what the game says. Not a big issue, but just a fyi

Game uses hidden decimals. Formula is perfect.
Sticky requested. The need for this wouldn't be so obvious if blizzard allowed you to "peek" at the stats to see how they changed your char.
Also an issue with some weapons -- a sword (1.4 base speed) with 21% attack speed will say 1.69 in the game, when it's really 1.694.

Putting in 1.69 gives incorrect numbers, 1.694 fixes it.

I don't think this can be solved in the spreadsheet, but may want to include a note that people should try this if they see wrong attack speed numbers (take base speed of weapon * 1.$(atkspdinc))

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