Advice to get through Cave of the Betrayer

I am stuck in Act II specifically in Cave of the Betrayer, usually cave 2. Every time I go in there, there are lava spiders (broodling something) vortex, mortar, you name it. I try to get them to chase me but yesterday after doing that, there was a second set of the same! Did you guys all go through each act or pay to go? I am seriously considering paying.
That place is not fun, but here is something I did:

I use diamond skin with crystal shell, teleport with fracture and illusionist.
1. If the pack has vortex: Within the cavern, there are large chambers with holes/cracks in the ground. If you keep these cracks between you and the spiders, they can't vortex you in. The idea is keep kiting around these cracks and holes and always keep them between you and the mob.
2. If the pack has mortar: While it looks intimidating. Mortar isn't actually that bad. As long as you keep running in circles, the mortar will miss you and if the mob is casting mortar, then they are standing still and not melee you to death.
3. If the pack has molten: You need to kite the mob to one end of a long tunnel, then diamond skin, teleport behind them and run the other way. Hopefully by the time you reach the other end, your diamond skin cooldown will be up and you can repeat the process again.
4. If the pack is fast: Now, this is nasty. While the spiders ain't the fastest mob in the game, they are up there. With fast, they are going to outrun you. The idea is alternative between teleport and diamond skin to maintain distance. The order goes: teleport (the decoys from fracture should buy you several seconds)--->run while the mob kills the decoys--->mob catches up after several seconds---->diamond skin---->illusionist will reset the cooldown on your teleport----> as diamond skin is about to break---->teleport again and hopefully by the time the mob catches up your diamond skin is up again.
5. Jailer: Similar to fast, just you need to observe the distance between the mob and you. If the mob is far enough, you can just wait it out. If it is close, then teleport out. If a second jail catches you, diamond skin and the hit from the mob will cause the cooldown on teleport to be reset. If both diamond skin and teleport is on cooldown, keep maximum distance away from the mob.
6. Teleport+fire chain: Keep maximum distance from the mob. There is a split second delay between mob teleport and fire chain reconnects, use this time to either move away or teleport out yourself.
7 Invulernable minion: Reset the game, there is nothing you can do.

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