Diablo 3 Freezes Computer (Only Recently)

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I followed some advice I had seen earlier..l also had sudden freezes, soon after the update. After I uninstalled, reloaded the client, no longer occurs. Imagine that...
I'm having the same issue. Should we compare hardware to see if we have something in common?

I have the same HD5670 (mine is passive cooling). Could it be it?

Recently the game either freezes so that sound goes to a very quick loop (had Catalyst 12.4 drivers). Today, however (after I had updated to 12.6 beta Catalyst drivers), the game just froze, but mouse cursor was working. I was able to CTRL-ALT-DEL and start task manager, and noticed Diablo process taking 50% (have dual core CPU). Then I just killed it, and now I'm writing this message.

Could it be GPU overheating? Will have to open my case and keep it open during the next session. I'm not 100% sure this would be the reason though, as when game was released, I didn't experience these issues at all.
Same issue, this is stickied.

That thread talks about screen going black and alt-tabbing out of the game. Different issue.
Maybe the cause is the same, and only manifests itself in slightly different way depending on the comp configuration.
Just Suddenly started having this exact issue but the freeze only happening when I click on a shrine otherwise I can play the game fine.
I have been having this same issue, after ~5-10 minutes of gameplay (usually when my computer has been freshly started up) it will either freeze the game, come up with a blue screen, or just automatically restart my comp. ONLY does it with D3.

Dell Studio XPS 435T
i7 920
nVidia Geforce GTS 240 (GPU temp is stable ~60C, max for the card is 109C I believe)

Did memory tests, hard drive error checks, nothing. I played WoW for 1-2 years prior to the release of D3, had no issues like this ever.
bump. same problem. Blizzard isn't doing anything about it. Seems to be happening on win 7 64 bit systems
same problems, Leveling character without any crash to level 44 and crash occurs recently very often, more than 1 times each level. Not a crash but a Freeze in fact with strange buzzing sounds, i can use CTRL+ATL+DEL and kill diablo process everything works fine in Window 7 64 bit afterward.

win 7 64 bit, GPU: nvidia 560 ti, CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 ar 3.4ghz
I am having the exact same issue as the OP. I play for about 5-10 minutes and then my computer hard locks up, complete with the buzzing / looping sound other people are describing. I had played up until today without any issues, have changed nothing on my computer and when it locks up I need to manually turn it off and then back on (Alt-Ctrl-Del does not work). I am also using Win 7 64-bit.

Edit: This issue is most certainly not related to overheating for me. All of my other games work fine as well. I played Rage for about 2 hours last evening without a single problem whereas the two times I had this problem with Diablo 3 the first was within 10 minutes of starting the game (after I had just turned the PC on) and the second within 10 minutes of that because I re-launched D3 thinking it was some random fluke error.
please blizzard give us a sign!
Yes, please Blizzard, give us something to help. Whatever it is, it's blasting a lot of ppl from being able to play.
Same has been happening to me since yesterday. It is not a problem on my end since everything is updated and CPU/GPU temps are always the same as playing day 1.

PC Specs

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
This seems to be happening more and more to 64 bit users. Until there's enough people with this problem they won't do anything... They're going to bleed out players until they finally realize they need to fix this or there won't be any left.
Im a 32-bit win 7 user and the game has been unplayable for me for the last week because of this issue. Just throwing it out there that the problem isn't limited to 64 bit win 7.
Same thing just happened to me 30 mins ago. I have been playing all morning with no problem today. I played fine friday night and most of saturday afternoon. I just built my rig on friday afternoon to play D3. So everything is brand new and all drivers updated to latest. As soon as I log into D3 and select my char my screen goes black and have to hard reset.

Specs running:
AMD Phenom II X4 3.4ghz
8gb ram
Win 7 ultimate 32 bit
Geforce GTX 550 ti
bump for great justice!
I am also having the same issue.. quite annoying after playing 170 hours without this happening.
This is also happening to me.

So far I see one response where someone reloaded windows and another where they re-downloaded the client and it fixed the problem.

Any other follow-up advice? Has anyone just had the problem "go away"? I am hoping it is just a temp client/server com problem.

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