Need equip suggestion for Act II Inferno

Hey dudes!
I just finished Inferno Act I and now I'm stuck at the very beginning of Act II.
I think that it's the right moment to change something on my actual equipment...
The problem is that I really don't know what to buy, I have no idea about the stats to upgrade, to make Act II doable...
Until now I just stacked a lot of resistance that allowed me to finish Act I really easy & fast.
Here's a photo with my actual stats maxed out by War Cry (Impunity rune):

Right now I have 2.4kk gold to spend in AH (I usually do the butcher run at inferno difficulty with my actual set, and skeleton king quest at hell difficulty with GF and MF set)...
Thanks in advance for any help that will come from you all, I really need it! ^^
I'm having trouble in Act 2 inferno as well.

However, you'll find that it'll get easier as you stack more Resist + Armor, while maintaining vitality and str.

Keep Vitality around 30-40k. Your str in stats should match your vitalility.

Resists should be around 600. I can sorta survive act 2. The fast elites are the ones that get me. So now I'm looking for movement speed attributes in the AH. Also testing out builds might not be a bad idea.
I'm going to test the Throwing build... People say it works...

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