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So I'm level 60 in Hardcore Inferno at the moment with only 1 death to my name, and the life of this game is nearly drained already for me. Not because of the challenge (which I like), but more because of the realization this game just does NOT capture that Diablo replay-ability essence to me. It occurred to me because of the nature of the skill systems that there seems to be NO point in creating 2 of any character. That is unless you play Hardcore, you could die. Creating, and experimenting with multiple characters is what Diablo is all about.

In Softcore if you made a Barbarian for example and got to 60...what is the point of ever making another Barbarian again? You can swap the way you play him via skills / gear (where stats are now) at any given time. In my opinion that by its very nature destroys character building. The arguments I find for creating 2 of a specific class are extremely shallow, as compared to the previous installments where it changed the way you play entirely because you actually had to plan your characters.

So my question(s) for you Blizzard;

1. Where is that character building essence of Diablo now (as you see it with this game)?

2. Where is the replay-ability of this game compared to its predecessors?

To answer my own questions I would say 1. There is no character building essence in Diablo 3, and consequently that destroys replay-ability which answers question 2. I feel this game has a MMORPG character concept of no "hard choices", and you can change when you want. Unfortunately that seems to be a poor design concept for a ARPG, because it will never have the extensive "end game" a MMORPG has. Botched characters are countered by a quick leveling process in a ARPG. So Blizz, help me understand. Guide me with your vision, I don't see it.
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I thought it was a good question. *sigh*
this was beat to death during the development process. Go watch some old interviews.
06/08/2012 03:11 PMPosted by Entropy
this was beat to death during the development process. Go watch some old interviews.

No it wasn't. Yeah they talked about stats / skill trees etc...I followed all that. However, now that we've seen the execution I want to hear their thoughts. Big difference. Because, the current character execution does NOT work well at all with this type of game. I want to hear their thoughts on why it IS working, which hardly anybody I talk to seems to agree in the slightest that it is.
Honestly, the replay factor is in your ability to generate money for yourself once the RMAH goes up.

Then you can probably get a couple of bucks if you are diligent in farming each day.

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