Subjugator Champion Bug

Bug Report
I suppose it has still not been fixed. Would really like some sort of info.

Is blizzard still in business?
imo still bugged :( killed 4x packs and still nothing :(
Yup. Just killed my pack of Subjugators (blue guys) and NO check off?!!!!


Seriously??? It's been reported for ages now. It's not a spawning bug. It's a not getting credit bug.

Same with Sand Dwellers.

No Spawns on Plague Swarms.
I don't know what you guys have been doing over at Blizz bug support department.

But this is really a trivial bug that can be fixed easily by a programmer.

The easiest fix is to remove it from the achievement list. Get your achievement designer to approve it. Take it out of the UI.

What is going on over there? Who does the Q/A ?? Does anybody play the game and test out the reports?

If you search filter "unearned" achievement all the unearned stuff gets listed twice. (double entry)
Although Champion Subjugator is still broken, some stuff was fixed in 1.0.5.

I believe this is the most up-to-date list of where you can find recently fixed monsters, and what is still broken:
just killed a pack (even made a screenie to be sure) : still not fixed
nope not fixed. i even killed a champ pack with 3 different characters since there used to be an issue that made you use multiple characters forother acievments. rediculously annoying.
It's like 7 months after release and still nothing? Jeez...
On Espionage we waited couple of months... For this how much longer? Next 7 months? Bcs fixing 1 mob is so hard? ;/
Also hasn't checked for me as of 1.0.6a. killed 3 packs of them last night and never popped the cheev.
dunno if i should say im glad or sad that im not alone on this one. Still bugged. Just killed a pack like 3 mins ago and still no check. Yayyy~~~ dear bliz, i love u sooooo much.
Yeah this is the only Champion pack that is broken. I managed to kill a Rare Skull Sword pack a few seconds ago and I did a few runs and managed to get the Fallen Cur checked off. The Subjugator is the only one that isn't checking (even when they added the Mallet Lord of 1.0.5)
it has been months and still not fixed.
seems to me that nobody in blizzard cares about it.
On the off chance that the campion Subjugators are fixed in the next release we should list were we have found them.

I just killed a pack in the Gardens of Hope 1st tier (Act IV inferno difficulty MP0)
Sand Dweller still broken.
Killed 2 Rares yesterday in the Desolate Sands on two different runs, and it doesn't show up on the achivement box list.
Killed 3 packs of rare Sugjugators on Gardens of Hope, Hardcore.

Still broken.
same problem here, really annoying. when will it be fixed?
Killed a Subjugator Champion pack on Hardcore Nightmare Gardens of Hope 1 in Diablo 3 version 1.06. Still broken
same here..

thought to do something else beside grinding.

not fixed = no fun
New Years Day 2013 and it's still a problem.
I've killed the champion subjugator pack 3-4 times and nada.
Annoying when it's the last missing in the "Champions Collection" challenge.

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