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Sometimes Latency gets so high I am unable to play the game. Most of the time I play solo, and never join public games, Why is my game affected by latency and whatnot when I'm not online with others? I understand our characters are stored on the server, however I dont understand why after i load my character that I am still bothered from latency when I'm not connected to others nor have any desire to join a public game?
I'm having the same problem.
i´m having a lot of problems with latency too, even if i´m playng solo.
i´ve check my internet connections in two different sources and it´s ok, so i don´t know where the problem may be.
Yea, in the game on solo looks like I'm playing in slow motion. Could it be network controller? hmm don't know
Need a fix for this!!!!
Same here, lags on solo
same problem here. The game is almost unplayable the past 3 days due to high latency. There's almost a 2 sec delay for all my actions. I've run speed tests to other servers across the world and the speed is fine. So it's not my isp
yep, same here. Tried everything, even connecting with a different ISP. So painful playing in the future/past not in the present

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