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THANK GOD, we don'thaveamonthly fee, yo!
It may have been discussed, but do dial-in authenticators count as an authenticator in this sense? Or does it have to be the app/physical version?
My Authenticator cost me $6.99. Well worth it...only annoying part is when I want to log into the forums at work and my keys aren't with me :(

Exactly, I don't think it's fair for us to have to buy a product, then purchase security on top of it. There's going to be so many problems with RMAH anyways.

Authenticators are free. Use an emulator, your smart phone, or pay 6.50 for the physical one(NOTE THAT THIS IS OPTIONAL! Not to mention those things are like 20$ from the manufacturer)

They had to insure the RMAH better with all these people getting their accounts compromised. If they allow hacked accounts to utilize the RMAH they are destroying it for EVERYONE.

I always love the ignorant parroting the party line that these are sold 'at cost'.

Haha no. They make money. They just get a sweethart deal from the manufacturer since they move so many of them.

If the device itself even cost $1 to manufacturer in quantity, i'd be surprised. There isn't much to it other than some plastic, some minor parts, and a small circuit board. The logic needed to perform the needed equation is very minor. @$6.50.. everyone(including Blizzard) is making money on them.

That they sell these for $20 to individuals is just simply a major markup that Blizzard can use to justify the reduce cost.
why is it my responsibility to get a additional account security its your game servers? We payed you 60 dollars quit pushing your responsibility for account security on us. I made a password and let no one use it, if you are getting hacked and my account gets stolen its blizzards responsibility to correct this.
The problem with this is that not all players have the capability to have an authenticator. Be it the actual gadget or the downloadable version.

1. Use of an old phone which doesn't make use of the Android OS or Apple store.
2. Location, even if the authenticator is free of charge, do you know how much the tax some countries impose on each items being shipped inside their country? One word: INSANE.
3. Not everyone use a post-paid plan for their mobiles.

Do not get me wrong. I do have an authenticator but I know people who cannot avail that.

Disclaimer: I feel lazy browsing thru each forum pages so my apologies if these things were already mentioned earlier.
I have a keychain authenticator. Had it for years now. I've never been hacked.

That being said, knowing a little bit about hackers and data security myself, I give it maybe a week tops before the RMAH gets compromised and a bunch of people's credit/debit card #'s are stolen.

One reason why I won't ever use the RMAH (besides the fact that I think it's nearly ruined this game), and I used 60-day game cards to pay for my wow sub.
probably been posted but still. if you live in a country where Bliz can't ship authenticator and don't have a smartphone - you can use either auth app on android emulator or stand-alone auth program for PC (with open source code and such).

here's the thread on MMO champion:

here's the PC app:

i use the latter, it's very easy and convenient.
and no, it was explained numerous times that dial-in authenticator isn't supported for Diablo 3.
Been using the authenicator ever since the hacking rampage.

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