Increase Attack Speed Modifier does not work?

Bug Report
I found this thread posted on May 22 on Diablo fans that says that the Increased % Attack Speed modifier on gear does not have an effect, while the Attack Speed Increase % does work correctly.

i.e. Increased Attack Speed by 9% does NOT work
while Attack Speed Increased by 9% does work

Note that I have not tested this myself or encountered this bug as of yet but here is the thread for reference:
This is a known issue list on the known issue thread. This will be updated in a future patch. Please search forums for your issue before creating another thread.
I think the "Increases attack speed by X%" is meant to be on weapons only. This directly increases the weapon speed and you see it displayed. For instance, a 2 hand weapon has .9 attacks per second normally but with increased attacked speed it is 1.01 or whatever the % is.

The "Attack Speed increased by X%" is what should be on armor since it increases your general attack speed. But it is definitely a bug to look out for and not get a bad piece of armor.

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