Need advice, really need!

Demon Hunter
I'm really trying as hard (even though when I'm not so gear).

I just logged in Act 2 and simply die for a skill of some ranged mobs. Some even have to use SS + Prep. but I can not use for all and end up dying.

What to do? (Thinking beyond the upgrade gear) ...

My build:!eTY!YbbcZY

About the status:

18K HP
Dex 1049
Armor 2561
Resist: ~40

Damage: 22012/40246

What we give weight status items. HP? Resist? Armor? and GG or Full Dex?

Thx guys
Let me take a look...

EDIT - Okay, firstly your build needs help.

- 3 disc spenders? Switch Caltrops and SP out for Companion (boar or bat) and Rain of Vengeance (Beasty Bombs or Stampede).

- Rune Elemental Arrow with Ball lightning or Nether Tentacle.

- Use Smokescreen or Shadow Power. Not both.

Gear wise it depends on your spec. Currently Glass Cannon rules - just gear for damage. After 1.03 I predict people will need to balance a bit. Currently using a semi tanky build with Gloom that is working well for me in Act 2.

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