Inferno Act 2 Gear Advice

I have hit a wall on act 2 Inferno, while builds can play a factor I am very sure I am undergeared and would like some advice on what core stats to focus on first, if you can point out one or two big changes I need it would be appreciated, thank you:

Armor: 5777
Dodge Chance: 17%
Damage Reduction: 65%
Physical Resist: 594 (unbuffed)
Other Elemental Resists: 550ish (unbuffed) Warcry bumps this
Health: 35K
DPS: 13K

STR: 1356
DEX: 386
INT: 279
VIT: 965

Currently I am dual weilding, not using a shield (I am currently re-thinking this strategy).
I have been trying to figure out the answer as well. My stats are for the most part identical to yours, except I'm using a shield and 1hander so my armor is a good bit higher but DPS is only about 11k. Act 1 is a breeze, but act 2 is virtually impossible to do with any efficiency. I find myself having to skip about 75% of the elite packs. I have cleared all of act 2 and killed Belial but I don't consider it a success since I am unable to kill most elite packs and found myself just running to the end of a lot of quests to grab the item and gtfo.

The next thing I want to try, and have heard works wonders, is getting about 1000-1200 life on hit from a 1hander and other gear. All while maintaining the same level of resistances and other stats. While there are a lot of 1handers out there that give 800-950 life on hit, they cost a ridiculous amount of gold so it seems as if I'm stuck in act 1 farming butcher with 5stack of valor for items to sell on AH to make enough gold to test it out.

This is the current build that I am running as well -!eVb!cccZaZ
Your resist is fine, but your vitality is way to low. DPS isn't important in act 2 as a barb, so drop those strength gear and find gear with alot more vitality. Im at inferno azmodan and i dont even have your strength and i've been playing solo the whole way.

And this point i cant stress enough is get a helm that HAS A SOCKET. That +life% gem makes all the difference and will boost your hp by a few thousand easily.
05/31/2012 10:46 AMPosted by Djhypnotic
your vitality is way to low.

What is a good number to shoot for in your opinion? How much HP do you have?
50k is a good amount of hp. More is better but don't sacrifice resists for it. Drop some damage to pick up defensives then add damage back in when you feel you are tanky enough to survive to deal the damage. 50k hp 600-800 resists with warcry up and a decent shield with 20% block will be more than sufficient.
You need more armor. Basically get a shield. You need a hell of a lot more dps to justify not using a shield.
Thank you.

As I upgrade gear with better resists I will focus on stacking Vit, and will get a decent shield.
Get a 2h Traxentrap. Build your hp up to about 50k and make sure your res stays in 500s. Get your dps about 20k, but aim for 30k. I farm act 2 as a 2h barb. No need for sword and board. These guys just dont know how to play.

Message me in game if you want to see my gear.


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