How to get 100k+ dps?

Demon Hunter
Diablo 2 told you exactly what your attack's damage was so I have no idea why in the world you can't see the same thing in Diablo 3 on your character screen. The paperdoll dps listing is almost worthless to gauge attack data comparisons.
Well, I'm at 55k~ w/o sharpshooter, some 93k~ with it. I only have 100% increased crit damage.

Like it was said before, as you increase crit your crit damage scales insanely. You only have that amount of dps for 1 second every x amount of seconds. I really wish people would stop adding sharpshooter into their dps w/o doing the math of what it actually is.
dont buy IAS legendaries 90 percent of them dont work and will give you no attack speed. I farmed and bought them all until i realize they're all broken.

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