crit damage build vs crit chance + AS build

Demon Hunter
I always believe in balanced builds, meaning you place roughly equal weights on AS, CC, CD. It makes you switch between different builds easily and makes you less vulnerable when blizz nerf or buff a certain kind of stats.
some times i turn on ss to one shot barrels
Ok ShSh is not stupid, but once you hit a certain Crit %, you may wish to drop it for more useful passive skills,

Actually even for lesser gear, go for Crit Chance, Crit Damage build, personally I would only go for AS once I have had enough Crit Chance ( 45% and abover IMHO) and Crit Damage 350% and above. and of course enough money to throw in equipment with all three CC CHD & AS lol

Basically for Gloves Rings and amulets, Focus on Crit Chance and Damage (on top of other useful stats like Dex Vit and Resists)

You can get you IAS rather cheaply from Legendary Helms (Memps, Andys and others) Leggings (Innas Legs) your DML (Dead Mans Legacy) even Bracers (Lacuni Bracers)

All of them relatively affordable, and should be able to satisfy your need for speed.

Therefore unless you have Billions of Gold or is willing to spend in the RMAH, just stick to CRit and Crit Damage.. trust me you wont go wrong
Crit damage build with sharpshooter and slow attack speed is better for dh. if crit chance build is too expensive too.
12/24/2012 07:47 AMPosted by JAB DH would prolly own all of yours...

make sure you preface a statement like this with an all caps "#FACT!"

also add towards the end a very hard, indignant (yet self-righteous) *sniff!* to let us all know you mean business braugh
Personal preference, I guess...slow attack speed makes me want to pull my hair out...and this is coming from somebody using a 2h xbow...still manage to get 1.94 aps unbuffed tho. Low mobility dh is a mistake, IMO...especially if you plan on PvP'ing (2014 lawl)...

Also...I'm jelly @ JABs 28k HP... :(

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