Bug or WAI? Max "Summons"?

I'm just messing around with some random builds and came across this strange mechanic, and I'm not sure if its a bug or Working As Intended.

Basically, you can only have 6 "summons" at any given time. As you may know, you can only have 6 Arcane Mines out at a time (this is normal), but apparently summoning Hydras also takes away from those 6. So if you drop your Hydras, and then start laying Mines, after the 3rd mine, the Hydras will start to disappear one by one.

The weirdest part is that if you lay any amount of Mines(1 to 6), and then drop your Hydra, ALL the mines disappear at once.

Now if its intended that you can't have 6 Mines and a Hydra out all at the same time, that's fine (I guess? Seems like a bad limitation to me), but I don't see any reason for all the Mines (even if you only have 1 out) to disappear if you drop a Hydra afterwards. Only the first 3 Mines that you dropped should really disappear if that's the mechanic that they want.

Any thoughts?
Think of if this way

Hydra is 6/6

Mines are 1/6

The following is calculated to include casting cost cap.

Should you have 1 mine out then drop hydra you have hit your cap so the mine is gone

(1/6 - 6/6) + 6/6 = (negative or zero Acrcane Mine) + (hydra at 6/6 str)

but the other way with Hydra first follow by mine you get

(6/6 - 1/6 ) + 1/6 = (hydra at 5/6 str) + (1 Arcane Mine)

However, if you do Hydra first then mines, then Hyrda effective dmg becomes 5/6 minus 1/6 for the mine you just put out. Although you might still see 3 heads it might be doing less dmg. I have not tested this so this is just my theory. I mean if you do hydra and put out 3 mines doesn't the hyrda only have 2 heads left? I am not sure go see for yourself.

Not sure if that made sense....
Interesting theory. Have you actually read this somewhere, or is it just an assumption?

Also, if you do the Hydras first, you can get 3 Mines out (3 heads, 3 Mines) before they start to disappear. Its the 4th mine that makes 1 head disappear (2 heads, 4 Mines).

I haven't yet tested the damage of the Hydras/Mines when you have a combination of them out at the same time, but I'll try and do that tonight or tomorrow.
Sorry, gotta bump this.

Anyone have any more details on this mechanic?
Dont use mines, they are garbage

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