Bought an item, Doesn't even work

Bug Report
Just bought Inna's Glory 15% attack speed 7% Movement speed. The Movement speed adds on fine but the attack speed does not work at all. Does anything know how this can be fixed?

Thanks in advance.
It's a common issue with legendary armor pieces that have Increased Attack Speed. That's supposed to be a weapons-only affix. It's a version of Attack Speed Increase which only works for the particular weapon, not your overall speed - an important distinction if dual wielding. Because the legendary is not actually a weapon, it has no effect on your overall speed. Thus it does nothing.

The items are supposed to have ASI like other armor items, but they don't.

Weapons - (%) Increased Attack Speed
Armor - Attack Speed Increased by (%)

If you see IAS on a piece of armor, steer clear. I think you may be hosed on that item, however =(
I've seen some people with for example the Boj boots and they get the attack speed increase, I tried also and didn't get any boost what-so-ever.
I just double checked on the looks like the reason for this may be that some Boj Anglers come with Increased Attack Speed. Others have Attack Speed Increased by.

Only one of those will work.

IAS shouldn't be spawning on armor at all, it's a bug.
Oh, and set pieces. My apologies, I've only been using the term "Legendary" but some set pieces have the issue, too.
Hmm I see, well time to get rid of my attack speed armor Lol. What a waste of money >.<.......
Only if it says "Increased Attack Speed". If it says "Attack Speed Increased by" it's fine.

But yeah, crappy bug =(
I see it now, Thanks a load man! :)

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