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So im on a wireless network on my neibhors internet. its been running really slow today is that because there online at the same time as me?
wireless network on my neibhors internet.

I see a problem there. Do they know you are on their internet?
LOL! There could be a lot of reasons for that happening. Most likely they are downloading something or streaming a video on netflix. Since its their internet and you're the one illegally using it not much you can do.
thats illigal?
If they don't know that you are on their internet, then you aren't really in a position to complain about how fast / slow it is. :X
i just thought someone might of been in this situation and could tell me whats going on..
yes it is illegal.
05/31/2012 06:01 PMPosted by Bordicia
thats illigal?

Let's say you have an electricity utility from the local power company. This electricity costs you (or your parents) money, right? Well, if your neighbor were to come over and plug into your exterior outlets to power things in their house then they'd be stealing your electricity. You paid for it and they're taking/using it without your permission.

That's theft.

If you were any good of a neighbor you'd go next door and tell them their network is unsecured. If you're extra ballsy, offer to help them secure it (which would mean you'd need to find out how to do that) in exchange for being able to connect to their internet.

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