Another "Almost died" story

So today, right before the fight against NM Iskatul with my DH I've read the description of "Fan of Knives". I didn't use it before, but it sounded like a perfect skill for the huge quantity of Iskatul's minions. So I took it as a secondary skill, having Evasive fire as my primary.

When the fight began, I instantly noticed two things :
1. Fan of Knives has a long cooldown
2. Since there's so many minions around me, their attacks instantly drain my discipline due to Evasive fire.

So only several seconds in the fight, I was already without any discipline, with Fan of Knives on cooldown, Preparation on cooldown and potion on cooldown and surrounded by a large quantity of the black minions. I realized I'm going to die, but I pressed ESC to calm down and think for a moment. I thought what I could do? The solution was pretty simple : to run around in circles, wait for Fan of Knives CD to refresh, wait for Iskatul to come close enough and use it, after like 6 cycles of this, Iskatul was dead!

So, two things can be learned from this :

1. Don't try something completely new in a boss fight. Try it somewhere in safer conditions first.
2. If you play single player, use the opportunity to pause the game to calm down a bit and think what to do.
Way to keep a cool head!
lol ^^ you should read mine as well on Hc forums (very recent)

But I like the don't do anything new advice :p

Goodluck to you (:
Nightmare Iskatu just happens to be a lot stronger than you'd expect, especially with how much easier he was in normal.

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