Diablo 3 stutters after full load

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I'm running the game on max setting in 1080p. I'm currently using a gigabyte nvidia gtx 580. The game usually runs at 99% of my gpu load. Sometimes at big fights it will stutter for a couple second then the load drop to around 70% and back to 99%.

Some people say it may be because of the new nvidia driver but I've rolled back to 296.10 and still same problem. My friend with a gtx 460 is able to play at full setting without any stutters. I was wondering if there's anything else that may cause this?

System spec:
i5 2500k cpu
8gb ram
p8p67 pro motherboard
630W PSU
Gigabyte gtx 580
Check CPU / GPU temperature
I've turned up my gpu fan and it's running around 60-70 on full load.
Does any other games exhibit this problem?
No. I'm able to play most game just fine in max settings.
Then it's probably just D3 and nVidia drivers not playing nice. There's a fairly widespread problem with nVidia drivers and D3.

See if VSync helps.
V-sync is necessary for me. Without v-sync, my 580m will throttle as it hits that 68c threshhold.

with vsync, my temps stay at a very stable 64c ... I also regularly clean my vents out, and use a laptop stand that allows thorough ventilation.

I am not a fan of the new 300x GeForce verde drivers. I get TDR errors frequently with them, and often times I have trouble getting games to use the nvidia card (even when I whitelist it in the control panel)

296.10 are very stable, solid drivers... however I think there are more D3 optimizations to come. Unfortunately, I think those optimizations will be built on top of the 300x verde drivers, which I'm not a huge fan of. I'm not sure.
I was playing D3 fine for well over 90 hours on full settings but now it's completely unplayable. I have an alienware (can we skip the insults? It was a gift.) that was playing it beautifully but when I logged in today everything was in slow mo. I thought it might be the internet but after many hours later it's still doing it. I turned all the settings to their very lowest and it still made no difference. There's about a second and a half delay even between me typing letters in chat. I don't really know what to do about it tbh. I don't often know how to solve technical problems. I'm probably just going to have to call my brother over.
What is your friend's processor?

Another possibility is maybe your processor is bottlenecking your GPU, as your GPU is fairly new, and an i5-2500k is like what? A year old?
You seriously think i5-2500k could be a bottleneck?
06/04/2012 08:40 AMPosted by Kalganized
You seriously think i5-2500k could be a bottleneck?

It might be, reason why I said

Another possibility

IDK too busy playing to research about it, possibility of CPU bottleneck is the reason why I plan on upgrading from an LGA 1366 to an LGA 2011 socket to make my GTX 680 happy.
You are better off getting an LGA 1155 Ivy Bridge if you really don't want any bottleneck.
There is absolutely no reason your 580 shouldn't be able to handle D3 with ease on full settings, hell my GTX 260 that's 4 generations old plays in on full with a noticeable slodown only when shadows are at max and hardware class is at 7. And my CPU is an old i7 so the i5 is a bit faster. On top of that you are running it off a SSD which could be the issue. Not because SSD is bad in any way, its terrific, but because D3 may suck at using it. I get hard core stuttering whenever the game loads new assets, be it a monster, spell, friend joins whatever. I hear the HDD spin up and d3 flips out for a few seconds and goes into seizure mode. Mine is on standard hard drive but its raid 0 and should be more than adequate as the response time and throughput speeds are almost double of a standard 7200rpm drive.

I would do some benchmarks, because unless the card is damaged in some way or overheating and its not performing at the levels it should, its more than enough for d3 and if it does well in benchmarks then you'll just have to wait for blizzard to fix the stuttering issues, which they have said they are working on fixing.

IDK too busy playing to research about it, possibility of CPU bottleneck is the reason why I plan on upgrading from an LGA 1366 to an LGA 2011 socket to make my GTX 680 happy.

Playing D3 on a 680 is like using a Ferrari to deliver pizza. Definitely not necessary. A i5 is more than adequate for any new game and you will only notice a performance difference between the LGA 2011, 1366 or 1155 line if you get either a major clock upgrade or you do 3D rendering or video encoding and the hyper threading matters. Aside from that the i5 is one of the best chips in terms or performance and value that you can get, especially for gaming.
If your stuttering ONLY occurs when the camera moves/pans, then you may find this thread interesting.

Again, this is only if you see some form of frame skipping as the camera moves to follow your character. With the card you have, it should run smoothly. BTW, I have a GTX680 and it is a stuttery mess in D3.

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