Also now getting freezing/BSOD. (solved)

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Just wanted to chime in that like others, I am now all of a sudden getting the "freezing, sound looping" problem after several minutes in D3. Never had this problem or any problem for that matter until today. Several hundred hours logged in with multiple 60s since release day.

I noticed that if you let the computer sit there frozen it eventually leads to a BSOD with 0x00000f4 as others pointed out.

There was an update released from MS yesterday (KB2718704) that the auto-updater would have picked up lastnight which mine did. There are a few posts on MS Technet about systems becoming unstable after this update was applied. Something about a cascade of failures in the timestamp and certificate check process.

Will run Shogun 2 and see if I can get the system to freeze>BSOD there. Will also try uninstalling the update and see if that helps.

Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
Intel i5 2500k Sandy Bridge
16GB DDR3 1600 RAM
Dual XFX ATI HD-6950s
Crucial M4 SSD

(Solved) for me anyway:
Was not freezing leading to a BSOD in Shogun 2 or Warhammer 40k Last Stand. Wasn't the KB2718704 update that was causing the problem. Updated video card drivers to no avail. Checked the dump file only to notice that the NT Kernal was listed as the probable cause which is such a headache because it is so hard to trouble-shoot that (usually it is not the NT Kernal but something else).

Noticed a Windows 7 Action Center Alert pertaining to my last crash:
Windows was temporarily unable to read your hard disk drive. We don't know the exact cause of the problem. In most cases, this type of condition is momentary and doesn't indicate a serious problem, but sometimes it means that a hard disk is failing.

Upgraded the firmware for my Crucial M4 SSD and the problem seems to have gone away. If any of you guys have an SSD and getting the freezing (with 1 second sound loop) leading up to a BSOD if you let it just sit there, try that.

I'm not sure what changed, was never getting this problem before yesterday. I noticed the firmware change listed that it improved stability during rates of high read/write activity. Anyway, thank GOD!
yes i can confirm that!

my computer also freezes randomly (ingame, desktop, while browsing)! i checked my whole computer till i came to the conclusion i must be something with the windows update the day before! i deinstalled the update and everything was fine again, till it was automatically downloaded again! since the i installed the update again my problems came back!

i also got a ssd (samsung 830 128gb), my firmware is up 2 date, but i still got the freezes with this update!

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