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Hey All,

As we're all waiting for the update to be completed, I just wanted to pose this question regarding my level 51 barbarian: approx. how much should resistances towards various magics be at level 51 for a melee class such as the barbie? All opinions are appreciated, though the question is geared primarily toward Hell mode play (not hardcore).
As much as you can get of course. As a rule, start looking for resistances OVER armor as a survival stat if
1. The amount of armor you can get in trade is only 10x more
2. You have more than 10x your resists in armor.
at 51 200 resist all would be the max id try to get, but honestly, if u take superstition, you wont really need any resist until act3hell and higher
Thanks! I just took a look at a few various specs for soloing/group/etc. posted by n3wton, and superstition is going up once the update is completed.

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