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Since the most recent patch, 8 of the items i have posted for sale have vanished and are not located in the auction tab, nor the completed tab. They are nowhere to be found. Can anyone help me understand how this might be solved?
i have same problem im missing like 20 items in my AH everything is gone
The same has happened to me, I was told by some that the auctions will re-populate themselves after a period of time, but so far for me this hasn't happened and my auctions are missing and I have no auction completed history either.

I've been waiting several hours for my auctions to reappear with no luck, so I'm not so sure if it'll even happen, but you should periodically check your Auction House to see if they reappear for you.

Also, I haven't seen a single thing from a blue about this problem, so it would be nice to have someone clear up the issue, and what will be done for the people that are experiencing this problem. But, knowing Blizzard we probably won't hear anything about it for several days.

Edit: Lets try to keep this thread alive so that we can find out what will happen with this

Edit:: Remember to keep checking your Auction House to see if your items have reappeared, apparently for some people that are experiencing this problem the items will reappear after a period of time(How much time is debatable.) But don't get your hopes too high, I've been waiting for some 4 hours now for my auctions to reappear and they still haven't.
Same issue here!
Yup same here, missing 8 auctions including my second legendary find. I don't want to do more auctions while they are missing and have those items just go POOF either.

Blizzard needs to acknowledge this problem at the very least.
I agree, and thats a smart move to not post anymore auctions, I'm doing the same as I'm worried they could potentially disappear as the first ones did. Weird that I've heard of this happening to so many people and not a single word from Blizzard about it, but it's Blizzard and when they don't know anything, they choose to leave everyone in the dark till they find out what is causing the problem.

Hopefully all of us that this has happened to will be reimbursed for our items/missing gold. If not, I'll be requesting a refund and getting rid of this awful game for sure.
All my items that I had on AH are gone since the patch. I also can't buy any items since it says my stash is full even though it has plenty of room. Between the constant issues, and finding out that in-game drop rates are based on what's currently on the AH (which I can't even use right now), I'm pretty close to quitting this game. I'm starting to feel like a sheep when I play it.
Wow, are you absolutely positive that in-game droprates are affected by what is listed in the Auction House? If so, thats freaking ridiculous!
Same here as well. All 10 of my existing auctions have dissappeared and have yet to reappear since todays (Thursday) patch. Glad I cleared my "completed" stuff out this morning before it got hosed up.

Now when I try to create an auction instead of the "you can only create 10 auction....." msg i get "you can only create 0 auction....". Weird...
I think I'm more frustrated than anything about the fact that I can't even use the Auction House right now. I'm sure all of you as well as myself are constantly looking for upgrades for your characters at a bargain price, and funnily enough today I've seen 6 big upgrades for a good price and I can't even get them.

Blizzard needs to really step it up, if you're gonna be one of the biggest names in the market with online games, then you need to take care of your customers better.
Bump in hopes of getting the word out to the people who have the power to help us out...
KEEP THIS GOING, been missing 100k from an expired auction which I did not win like 3 or 4 days ago now, still no refund of my 100k, and recently I've lost other items from the AH aswell, right now only like 3/10 auctions when there should be like 8-9/10, missing a 1.5mil xbow, not too confident on whether I'll actually get it back with the way things are going...
Bump to keep this thread going.
Still having this issue. Ticket submitted. Can't even use the AH right now. Very frustrated with this game so far.
I have 20 days game on that HA i loose 22 items some invaluable , THERE IS REALLY NO POINT ON PLAY THIS GAME IF ITEMS MISSING!!

Bump to keep this thead alive.

Thread's been alive for over 8 hours without a single blue post, whereas others that have been opened for less amount of time have already received answers, interesting.

Edit: Lol at only being able to have "0" items in my stash. Le sigh
Same issue here..
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