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Diablo 3 says my video card isn't good enough but i dont know how to update it. It's GMA x3100. i can play WoW perfectly fine with this card. why can't i play D3??????
This is probally because wow is a 8 year old game, and diablo 3 is a 2012 game. and you have onboard 'office solitaire basic' graphics. pretty much
It would be best to read minimum requirements before you buy ANY game, that card is unsupported for Diablo 3.

You probably CAN get it working by modifying your D3prefs.txt file (located in MY DOCUMENTS). If you can't find the file just search your "Documents and Settings" (winXP) or "Users" (Vista, 7) folder for the file.

HardwareProfile (change to 1)
DisableTriliniearFiltering (change to 1)

Just FYI, I tried running D3 on a GMA 4500 (better and faster than your card) and I got the game to run, but it became unplayable with large mobs.
i also assume that you are running a laptop, unless its certain alienware or high tech gaming laptops there is no posibility of updating the video card.
I'm having a similar problem. i've been playing diablo 3 for awhile and now this update says that my graphics card does not support Diablo 3!!! any tips?
Same thing... Was working fine until today. Help!

nVidia GeForce 550 Ti ( This card is in the supported list)

try pressing esc when the message appears. it worked after i did that thanks to a post from i7zan
Pressing esc worked. I hope Blizz fixes this issue soon...
As some of you are already aware, pressing the ESC key will bypass the "Unsupported Video Card" message and allow you to continue into the game.

This issue has been reported and it is currently being looked into. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please check the following sticky thread for any updates on this issue: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7810092923#1
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