Come Play with Pagan (Hell Diff)


I've been doing a variety of group/solo to progress through the game, but opted to go lone wolf for most of hell difficulty. I'm in Act 2 now, and not really having any problems.

Level 57 Barbarian
28,000+ HP
30-40% resist all elements
6266 armor - 68.74% reduce damage
8k damage - 17k with Wrath

Just throwing my name out there if any other one man wolf packs want to group up and push to inferno. No rush, if things get dicey we can opt to adjust our strategy.

I'd prefer to run with a ranged class -- Demon Hunter, Wizard or Witch Doctor who manages around my same damage output. I can easily "tank" for you, but as far as things have gone, all elites/champion packs are dead within the duration of my Wrath buff. Preferable if you have Skype, and if you're just starting the difficulty in Act 1, I'll come back and we can knock it out quickly.

It's hard for me to convince my SC mates to come play the 'real' game, especially after they get killed and I hear their heart breaking over Skype. It'd be nice to expand my friends list a little but. I have no issues with passing along upgrades for other classes rather than auctioning them off.

So, whether you're looking to finish up hell difficulty, or just searching for mates with offensive loincloth bulges, leave your battletag here.
im 55 WD in act1 hell, should be caught up to you tonight (if i get time to play)

i too have been soloing mostly; currently have 34k HP and 5.2k dmg.

dmg with soul harvest buff is around 7k and then my AOE bears do around 16k (or whatever 236% of 7k is)

ive had zero problem soloing hell so far, I am just a few quests passed leoric.

i need to get my dps up more! :( maybe ill sacrifice some vit? but im low armor/resists so i dunno if i wanna drop my health... WAT DO?

add me if u wanna play ^_^

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