Disconnected every 5-10 minutes since patch.

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I have been getting disconnected every 5-10 minutes since the patch was implemented as the title states. First, my latency is green and spikes into red when entering new zones. This didn't happen before. Second, I can tell I am about to disconnect because I will be walking (NOT FIGHTING ANYTHING) or in combat and all the sudden my companion stops following me or the enemies freeze up.

This has been posted several times now yet still not a blue to help.

I am currently in the process of reinstalling the game and will update on playability after.

Please reply with any help (YES THIS MEANS YOU BLIZZARD) or if you are experiencing the same problems.
yes i am experiencing the exact same problem.. is there a blue post on this yet? I saw a announcement on the login screen of d3 but now its gone.

This is the only blue post I found related. I don't think I have a micro-stuttering issue though.

Game is now reinstalled and I am still having the same problem.
Yep, same problem here. Just made a thread for it.. didn't see this one. Still, maybe more threads about the same issue will garner a response?
Yes this game is unplayable and I have been having issues since the launch.

Need blue response.
I have had lag since 1.02a or whatever, and disconnections have gone up. Never had a D/C before that. I just disconnected in A1 Inferno just moving. I have one of the best ISP, and one of the fastest connections and speeds in the U.S. My computer is not bad. I should be having ZERO issues.
This is a Blizzard problem. Fix it guys.
I love the game, thanks for all the hard work. But do not let it be for nothing when everybody keeps having these issues.
I've had a lot of disconnects too.

Did you manage your router settings to see if that helps? You need to make sure 80, 1119, and 6881-6999 are open to Diablo III.

I just cycled my modem/router, updated the firmware on the router, and manually forwarded the ports and *fingers crossed* haven't had a DC since.

Ok so after reinstalling I thought just maybe it could be a router related issue. I plugged my comp into a router instead of directly into the modem to see if that would help.

Nothing is wrong with my router/modem settings, and I havnt had a D/C in the last hour. My issue must be from peak hours stress on the blizzard servers or something. To the rest of you, GL
Yeah I have pretty much figured that absolutely nothing is wrong with my computer and I am probably causing it more harm than good by going through these ridiculous fixes.

Here's a concept: You buy a game, you go home and play it.


Blizzard address why I keep disconnecting, its very annoying approaching 60 and not being about to finish without restarting the quest every 10 minutes or rushing to a checkpoint.

I rolled back my video card driver.

Need a Blizz network eng response.
Had this issues the first week or so of launch and now it seems to be back since the last patch (or its just crazy busy traffic becasue its sunday evening but common you would think their servers could handle that). Anyways hope its resolved soon.

I have a Nvidia card and have changed the power settings.


I disconnected once in the past hour. I was not in combat and it was about 30 seconds after rez. Latency is still spiking for no reason (ie out of combat)

Please, if you have any fixes / workarounds or if you are experiencing the same issue reply.

Again, this is a disconnect problem not a lock up the computer and have to restart. The game just kicks us back out into the hero screen only to resume quest at the last checkpoint.
Same issue. I only play Hardcore. A little frustrating when you get disconnected in a battle. FIX THIS. SICK AND TIRED OF ERROR 3007 AND 3005.

A game of this caliber should not have bugs of this magnitude. Played small development games with better stability!!!!!!!!

I give up....Be back to the community in a month.
Blizz need to pull its head out of WOW's....@
I have seen the suggestions on putting this on a flash drive or a solid state drive. I do not have one of these accessible atm. Would an external hard drive with usb 2.0 suffice?
I have had similar problems but i solved it by: Turning my Utorrent/bittorrent off hope this helps guys
Neither of those programs are running. Thank you for the input.

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