Crazy D3-related computer crashes are afoot

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I am having this problem as well, and it is driving me absolutely CRAZY!

I tried collected methods from all over the D3 and Nvidia forums


Under-clocking GPU @ core and mem by 15%
Reducing the FPS to 50-60 on options
Disabled shadow, V-sync, AA, reduced other options
Increased the GPU fan speed
Checked all power and cables

Blackscreen followed by coma ONLY happens while I am playing D3

What the heck is going on here??

Please help!
I am the one who face this problem too.
Hope someone can help solve this problem.
Exact same problem, now I am really pissed off. I been playing since this games release. Here is what I think is up. I paid $60 for the d3 then after wasting god knows how much time without using the Ah I invested in items (over a yr half added up). Hundreds infact. Never once did the game crash and I had MAX settings on, even connected wirless no prob. Then Blizzard releases there big patches. Once in a while it starts to crash. Not a big problem. But I noticed the change. Then 2.0 and my items I paid all that money for are worthless? Even items I sold for money I could not get out of there because it was taking days to process and is stuck in the battle net balance, yea for me. before the 2.0 though there was more patches and with everyone of them seemed to crash more. Then I spend $80 on the collectors edition ONLY because I saw an article that says with that one you get an extra item slot. SO I paid $80 fort a stupid useless spectral hound that does nothing and yellow wings anyone that spent $40 had. Oh, but I got a stupid ugly , dumb mouse pad and retarded artbook, I dont even like the art the artist did( its what an artist draws that is in his teens and goes nowhere with but Blizzrd seems to like it). Mediocre at best. So now after the ROS I can say this, ACT 5 it totally bugged. I can stand in town and crashes doing nothing. If I go with any character through the door that leads to PATH of WAR as soon as I get in it crashes EVERY TIME. Fields never crashed now they do,. Certain points cause a crash over and over(at the same place). I can run Maya 2014, PS6, Play any game I want NO PROBLEM. I uninstalled game, reinstalled, defraged, rolled back driver , updated driverm, research services and changed to AUTO , delete %temp% and prefetch(regularly), THIS IS BLIZZARD and their !@#$ty programers, they suck they ruined the script of the game with all their crap and nerfs and bull%^-*. Its happening to so many people and on a large scale,. Links are piling up about this. I am ready to start a class action lawsuit.over this !@#$. I have had it. Blizzard does nothing to fix this. After all I did it crashes even more now. Furious!! I want a full refund and thwe money for the items they made useless. They can change anything they want but that constitutes my money back. THe result is hundreds of dollars to borrow an experience, because the original design was a fraud to start with. Now with the promise the drop rate is fixed,its crashing all day everyday. All the time I spent to build up my characters and gear so it can crash ot of no where and all the time. I turned down PHYSICS, sound, FPS , Back ground, Fore ground, blah blah blah, And crashes more than ever and started playing with everything maxed out. This is Blizzard`s doing and there is so much script that it will be awhile if EVER to fix it. Thats why they ignore. I think a lawsuit is in order, and a boycott on this company and games, Drive this stupid company right into the ground so a good company can rise up to replace this stupid worthless company that has screwed us all over. I will never buy another Blizzard anything, They cut off the tel phone number to support. If you try to sub,it a ticket,mine are getting deleted not answered. I They once fixed anything that went wrong. Never in my history of gaming have I come across this kind of nonsense. The same thing is happening to brand new GAMING computers if you look at the links about this. Underclocking your graphic card is one thing I have not done and wont. I cant risk my computer to do that. So..... anyone for a class action lawsuit lets do it. Im ready. Time to stick it to them for this. There is a win here as so many people have been effected. Any lawyers on here willing to start contact me, PM me.
well it now November 26, 2014, i have a gtx 780 and it still give me BSOD........only to this game and not other.
September 2014, 980, 16g rams, i7, water cooler, all the works. This problem, only this game.
same problem. lots of horsepower, drivers current. Win 7 64bit, running game on high graphics settings. Consistently crashes/bsod. Any thoughts, Blizz?

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