LoH versus Dmg>Life

So I've been trying to stack lifesteal on my barb. So far I've just been farming gear and such and I do alright in Act I Inferno even in my noobie equips. I get about 470 resists with War Cry, 8.9k Armor with shield, and 35k HP. I use a combination of Whirlwind w/ Windshear, Ground Stomp w/ pull, Revenge w/ increased prob, Battlerage w/ Health globe drop, and Frenzy w/ Maniac, and Overpower w/ Revel.

My question now is my weapon mods are % dmg convert to Life. Should I try to stack % dmg to life with LoH? The problem seems to be that while I tank well in Act I, I don't absorb enough dmg in Act II Inferno to make use of all my lifesteal. I realize that stacking vit/armor is essential, but in terms of lifesteal, which is the better option?

Life on hit much better with low dps, fast swinging sword/shield tank builds. Life on hit better with two-handers as well due to the 1/5th effectiveness penalty on % life leech in inferno (20% becomes 4%) that does not affect life on hit. Life on hit isn't as noticeable with two-handers since you take more damage without a shield and swing slower.

So, to make the best use of your life on hit, use a fast frenzy sword/shield build.

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