GPU not detecting on new system >_>

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So I just build me a new PC and my ASRock z77 Extreme4 mobo isnt detecting my Asus Top 670 GX. I bench tested every piece before putting it in the case and everything works fine other than the GPU. I tried starting up without it and using the mobo's onboard card and it boot up fine. All connectors are set right, all the led lights are spinning, the GPU's fan itself is spinning as well as it's LED, just no video whatsoever. Google also seem to indicate that a number of people are having similar problems, and that only older GPUs (3XX GX and below) seem to work. Any ideas?

Things I've done that did not work:
- Remove and reslotted RAM. Switched slots multiple times, even try booting up with 1 stick.
- Removing GPU from PCIe 16x and trying it on PCIe 8x
- Making sure GPU is actually fixed correctly
- Checking power connectors to GPU
- Punching the wall multiple times
- Went to BIOS and changed boot up to PCIe while GPU is uninstalled, saved, then installed GPU.

My Specs:

ASRock z77 Extreme4
Intel 2500K
Asus Geforce DirectCu TOP II 670 GX
Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB RAM
Intel Cheeryville SSD 120GB
1TB Harddisk WD
Corsair 650W PSU 80+ Bronze
CM 212 Evo
CM 912+ Case

Edit: Didnt check the time, it's 3:47 AM and tomorrow's my birthday. Yay me, going to bed and will check for replies tomorrow.
Try the GPU on another working system. Fastest way to find out, really.
Fix the issue myself. It strucked me that this might be a software and driver issue, so in a stroke of bloody brilliance (or lack of sleep maybe), I went to BIOS and made the onboard display the primary display unit, attached the GPU and boot it up. Once at windows, I installed the drivers associated with the GPU and after a quick restart and changing the primary display back to PCIe, presto!

My only problem now is my monitor using a 15pin plug that is not compatible with the Asus 670 GX. FML.

Well, I could always play on the TV ^______________^
Happy Birthday.

Glad you got it working. Did ya get it for your Birthday?
Cheers mate. It was me missus really who got it for me. I think she had enough of me raging at how I'm unable to play Guild Wars 2 WvW with a 5 year old Asus laptop using 9500m GS. >_<

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