Error 3003 on asia server

Technical Support
Players in Asia server are being discriminated. That's all I can say.
yeah today i got several error codes...
i can not believe......blizzard oh blizzard
They have given up server maintenance. Insane, really...
This amercian dont even know how to work well...server so unstable !@#$ing amercian staffs on blizz racist freaker
I am also feed up with this crappy service.
But, Asia Server is located in 'Korea' so I do not think there is many American staffs there.

Seriously, if you can not provide a decent service, then turn off the Asia Server and move transfer all data to other servers.
Can't connect now since around 3pm but my server checker sees that the Asia server is up.
whatever you are %$#@ing with the asia server, Blizzard, please give us an ETA
according to server status on the Asian Server ...

tertainment. 6. 10 pm 1:54 (UTC) modified
[Emergency Check Guide]

Hello heroes of Sanctuary.

6.10 일 will guide you through an emergency inspection.

● Check the Time: Sunday June 10 10:00 PM in progress (to be completed June 11 12:30 a.m.)
● Check the target: Asia server
● Job Impact: Critical inspection of the game will not connect.

We apologize for any inconvenience to the gameplay of the word deurimyeo, to be a quick check will do our best.

Google translate works great and I'm sure the US blizzard team doesn't give a crap about the Asian server.
06/10/2012 06:18 AMPosted by Yangz82
This amercian dont even know how to work well...server so unstable !@#$ing amercian staffs on blizz racist freaker

You're a moron. I highly doubt there are any Americans working on the server team in Korea.
what the hell is going on? error 3003 now???!!! my only sunday!!
this was posted about an hour ago :(

Midnight to 30 minutes will be held the job was a server emergency checks have been delayed due to some problems. Accordingly, inspection time 1 hour 30 minutes behind schedule will be held is extended until 2:00 AM.

In the game for I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Quick inspection tasks to be completed within the time will do our best.
Haha so that means 1 AM Beijing time... all day server maitenence.
stil down?
I have the same problem... please have it fix asap....

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