Better to farm Act 1 or Act 2 inferno?

Demon Hunter
Need help with where to farm gold/items, currently doing warden/butcher runs with 5 stacks pretty good, but i want to try something different.
Butcher runs usually means a lot of vendor loot and rarely any upgrades, so if you want to farm gold, I guess this is the place. You could get about 60-100k per run.

Every act has an item pool of items dedicated specifically to that act only. But there is also a shared loot table for all of the acts, but it has a very low drop rate ( For example Act 1 loot can appear in Act 3 and vice versa, but the former is more common)

If you are looking for upgrades and not just gold, I'd suggest act two. The odds are just better.
Where should i go in Act 2 to farm better gear?
Zoltun Khule runs are easy and have recently dropped me some pretty OP gear.

I've had less great drops from Seigebreaker runs than I have from Zoltun runs. At least less useful ones. I get Tanking stuff from Seigebreaker that I sell for good gold but seems more DH stuff from khule haha.
Hey crash what are your stats and strategy to kill zoltun?

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