To Resist, Or Not To Resist

...That is the question!

I've seen alot of threads about, "awesome," builds and gear sets and alot of people actually suggest not gearing for resistances because we die in 2-3 hits by usually everything anyways and we can avoid stacking expensive resist gear and easily trade it for more crit damage, attack speed and intellect.

Others, seem to swear by resists and stacking VIT and going with a mid range of 50-65k dps, rather than ignoring resists and leaving their hp around 30k and going for 80-110+k dps to just melt things before they even have a chance to attack you.

Items in this game are expensive and if you had bad luck or magic find runs in your farming spots, then you know the pains of having a lack of gold. Not only that, but risking your gold you farmed all week on a set that may be worse off then intended because you followed somone's advice on the forums about how rocking 25k hp and 200 resists and hitting 110k dps was better off.

I am the guy who has been farming for 2 weeks, and earned some gold for some upgrades, I am afraid to buy gear because I am not sure which is optimal, the, "I don't need resists or much hp cause I kill things before they even attack," build. Or the, "I stacked 65k hp and 700 resists and lots of armor and do around 65k dps," build.

Post up a picture of your gear and stats, and tell us why your itemization is best.

What is the truth in this matter and which is optimal for end game inferno? What are you using?
No harm in getting resist all in slots that can't roll DPS stats other than int, like shoulders/chest etc.

Also, you don't need resists for Act 1 and 2. They will help a lot in 3 and 4.
Nobody else has anything else to add?
The price point on say fire resistance is much lower than resist all. And as a wiz, I find that is most needed, so I focus on that. And it gives me room to focus on int and vitality and armor as well. But really it amounts to your playstyle.

What do you die of the most? There's a lot of groupthink and misinformation on the forums.

Mortars killed me easily because of the fast nature of them. So I settled on avoiding poison, electric. And if you are frozen by an elite, doesn't make any difference that you have resists to cold, you're dead.

Focus on your build and your most common cause of death, and address that.

But in order to progress, you HAVE to increase your DPS. Kill them before they kill you or enrage.
I'm currently doing siegebreaker runs in act 3 and this is also something I've been considering. Currently im sitting at around 350 resist all. When I first started adding some resist the biggest difference is how long you can survive periodic or small quick mellee hits. The larger single hits will most likely be stopped by force armor anyway. I think the key is to have just enough resist and hp to keep you from getting one shot, due to getting hit for more than 200% of your hp from the force armor nerf and to give you a little breathing room from standing in fire/poison. Right now I'm focusing on increasing my dos since I'm only at 40k when I'm glass cannoned out and around 30 in resist gear without gc.

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