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heading back over to EA land. another let down by activision, should have learned the first time after i got BLOPS.
Bf3 is a cheaper way to get everything if you indeed like bf3.
And i like it, took a 3 month break and coming back is awsome.. Took some hours to get used to the genre :P

But it's awsome... Can't afford the premium yet tho :(
I'm going to be getting it. I own Battlefield 3 on both the Xbox 360 and the PC and I'd be more than happy to pay for Premium so I save some money when I buy the expansions for the PC. I'd buy them all, anyways...
out of curiosity for bf3 premium... since they are including karkand in that feature is there a discount for those of us who actually bought karkand before this?

if not ill just wait for the next expansion before i buy premium as its kinda of a ripoff to pay something now after having already paid for it 2 times (preorder didnt deliver karkand and had to buy it a second time sorta thing)

i also hope they have fixed a lot of the issues BF3 was failing on lately too... like the map-change hanging and server join hang etc etc etc... EA has also been somewhat of a letdown lately as far as quality of games too... the 2 biggest companies can afford to make the biggest mistakes and place profit over quality it seems

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