I did it! I finally Did It! (Act II)

06/06/2012 10:38 AMPosted by Pwoykinsx
Cleared Act II last night from Zulle to Belial with ease 2h. Not even 20k dps but i had around 550-600 resist and 70%+ Armor with the 2h Cookie Cutter Build. Just need to have some gear it takes a while if your not fed.

Just curious what your build is... have not found a single useful 2hander spec, but of course I may just not be ready for Act2.
Most of the high dps 1h builds revolve around IAS if i am not mistaken, i have a950 dps 1h blue weapon, 35k health and 15k dps, with some crappy gear and cleared act 2 earlier this week. I have yet to see any really good quality gear drops, and my str is 960/vit 720, with 30% life which boosts my health enough to live in act 2, kill all the normal mobs in act 3 and 4, but i cant handle the champs/elites there yet.

Given the stats some people are showing, which far surpass my str/vit stats i used to clear act 2, if i can keep my same gear, and only ad another 300/250 str/vit to the slots where i have none, i expect i can break 20k dps with 1h weapon easily.

AS seems to have the best diminishing returns , and be far more effective as a DPS booster then any other offensive stat. its Op as the recent 1.03 patch notes say its getting nerfed, and its the reason why DH are having such an easy time to a certain extent.
06/06/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Edzilla
Maybe i'm missing something here, but - These 'super tank' builds, or other barbs in general have more dps then me. Do you guys just spend 2-5mil on a 1k-1200 dps 1hander, or have a boat load of str? I'm only at 10-13k, depending if I use BR or not.

I have a philosophy of upgrading items based on stats. Str/Vit together. So I have a lot of strength still gemmed in rings, and necklace.

I spent about 400k on a 750 dps weapon with 120 vit, 100 strength. I have no life on hit though, so I went for more damage than tank. Also my resists are kind of low, but Vit/Strength are high for me, which means I have a decently high armour as well.
I have been all over Act 2 with different builds. The most fun was a thrower (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaNt5S2yIwQ), but the most useful was a 1hand/shield tank&spank build. I still look forward to the 1.03 patch to reduce some of the "OH GOD FIREBALL", but it's definitely doable if you have patience.
06/06/2012 11:06 AMPosted by Samfisher
Cleared Act II last night from Zulle to Belial with ease 2h. Not even 20k dps but i had around 550-600 resist and 70%+ Armor with the 2h Cookie Cutter Build. Just need to have some gear it takes a while if your not fed.

Just curious what your build is... have not found a single useful 2hander spec, but of course I may just not be ready for Act2.

I used

Frenzy + maniac
Ignore Pain + ignorance is bliss
Leap + iron impact
Battle rage + marauder
War cry + impunity
Revenge + provocation

Most players find the mosquitoes a huge pain, but you'll get used to handling them after a while. They should be relatively easy when you can predict their flight paths and leap onto them. I found the Lacuni warrior elite packs much tougher to handle.
Well I'm sitting at around 700-770 resists to all with physical being the highest and lightning being one of the lower ones, with 64k HP around 8k armor (7900 or something cant remember) and my damage is a whopping barely 4k.

My weapon is a 1h axe with +273 vit @ 560dps.

I need to find a 700-800dps Dagger that has ideally 600+ Life on Hit, 20%+ AS, and 100-200vit.

That would put my total life on hit to about 1300-1400.

In terms of group play (2 or 3 player parties, most of the time running with one or two very high dmg DH friends):
With my current gear/stats, Act1&2 is very easy. Act3%4 are still challenging - hard, especially if we get some ridiculous elite combos, we just end up resetting the signal fires or seigebreakers quests.

In Act1 I can solo butcher very easily, but because of my 4-5k dmg I hit enrage timer but thanks to my resistances I can tank the fire damage. In terms of elites in Act1, I have tanked 3 elite packs at the SAME time in the Cursed Hold and did it no problem in my regular group. It helps to be coordinated. Comms is a must for such chain pulling.

In Act2, I'm not sure if I can solo Balial or not, haven't tried, dont really have a reason to...but if I try to I can't really see a reason why I wouldnt be able to kill him, other than my 4-5k dmg. I've solo'd the first boss (the witch boss whatever her name is...), and I've solo'd Zulle even in party after my 2 DH friends dying 6 times over. Don't even know if it has an enrage timer.. Actually, if you ask me, Archive+Zulle runs are our favorite runs atm - most rewarding. Don't bother with balial or first boss its a waste of time for loot. Better off farming butcher and zulle.

In Act3, as I said, we've only tried it in group play, and only the very first quests (signal fires and raide the catapults, sometimes seigebreaker though this is often harder due to mob types) and sometimes we have to reset the game due to crazy elites.

Act4 doesn't raise the difficulty much it seems from my perspective, the only thing is a completely different set of monsters with abilities you have to work around, like the charging demons, angels swooping from the edge of ur screen etc, really gotta be on the ball with taunts charges and stuns.

But you might be surprised that I've fully (and surprisingly easily) cleared Inferno whimshire (however it's spelt) multiple times. If you ask me, the packs in there are just as hard as act3 and 4. But it's basically the #1 place we choose to farm but only one of us has the staff, so if that person is offline its back to farming act2 archive+zulle , and butcher runs.

To be sufficiently effective at tanking act3 and 4, I need a lantern, and commanders helm which will boost my block and hopefull elite dmg reduction -- as well as higher resistances ofcourse, if i can get all my resists to 80%++ that would be awesome. Once i have that kind of resist I can feel comfortable ditching some vit for more damage perhaps....but until then my 64k HP is way too comfortable (maybe overkill but meh) especially in group play.

You might be wondering how boring it is soloing with such low damage (4-5k)....you wouldn't be wrong in guessing that with SOME elite packs, I hit enrage timer. Just from the top of my head, my least favorite types are (not in any certain combination): nightmarish, extra health, health link, immune minions. there's probably others that i cant remember but those are probably the most troublesome for me to solo against.
Oh if you're wondering, im using:
Not finished mind you... but I killed up to Maghda with 5 stacks solo. Only skipped like one Elite pack as well(Wasps).

Last night I bought two really cheap items on the AH for minor resists, and decent HP values, respecced almost entirely into tank, and then went two man with my wizard buddy. My gear has not increased that much from when I got absolutely clobbered in Act II.

There seems to be this magical tipping point for Barbarian where you have enough Effective Health Points to live long enough to actually survive past a certain period where Revenge/Ignore Pain keeps you alive.

There was a lot of dieing mind you, but together, me and my buddy got all the way up to the Oasis, and found Zolton Kulles head. I can't express the amount of satisfaction that it feels like I'm progressing again.

I know around 500,000 EHP I can't seem to do it, but once I got around 700,000+ EHP it starts to become a bit more workable. I was a big fan of going mostly offensive with a one hander, and decided to drop some strength gems, buy some more vit, and switch all my skills to survival, and it worked out better than I expected.

It's a tough hurdle to get over, and I will still need to farm Act I i think a little for gold, but I'm no longer stonewalled.

Gratz man, I know the feeling, now get ready for act 3 :)
Good news is as hard as act 3 is to get ready for I felt act 4 was not as bad as the jump between 1 and 2, and then 2 and 3. Good luck bro.
Yeah it feels good to clear act 2.

Feels good to do something most people claim to be "impossible" for whatever reason.
I'm looking forward to inferno azmodan tbh. I can't imagine him being THAT hard... pretty sure if i can kill balial i can kill azmo.

i would say inferno balial is one of if not THE hardest boss encounter in terms of phases, mechanics, dmg output, avoidable skills etc. i reckon inferno diablo might actually be easier.

haven't actually tried ofcourse but it just feels like it will be.
I feel like I could slap my name onto your story, Haurbus, and call it my own lol. The same exact thing happened last night, I cleared Maghda with 5 stacks, skipped maybe a few elites, after getting a few small upgrades. And voila! It was like a magic switch had been switched and everything suddenly became doable (barely).

I died once to Maghda because of the trash she summons up smashed my brains in. But in round two it was fairly straightforward after I stunned then and whirlwinded. Ran away. And repeated until they were dead.

Buffed stats:

53k HP
600-650 resists
8.8k armor
10.5k dps
+800 LoH <--- The tipping point for me

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