First HC Hero, Barbarian, Just cleared Belial

Hey guys,

I'm new to the HC scene, only played d2 very casually and a very long time ago. I am level 24, just cleared belial on my barbarian.....I can say that I will never touch SC again, mainly because of the rush you get while playing hardcore, also the status. Belial was much easier than I expected. I just ended up auto attacking with frenzy, I guess thats what AH gear does for you.

How is everyone else going?

Any tips on barbs would be appreciated. I'm on 380 Vit at level 24.
Very nice job, grats!

I would suggest not putting money into the blacksmith/jeweler on your first char. Use the money for upgrades on the AH.

Generally I look for items under 5/10k and get very good upgrades every couple of levels.
Congratulations Jipsta. Keep going until you find your glorious death.

As far as 'tips' go... if you actually even THINK or FEEL you're getting hit to hard, back up a quest or two, do it again, gain another level and move forward again.
If that doesn't help - Scour the AH for upgrades.

MAKE FRIENDS. Play well, and conversate as much as you find necessary in game, use local VOIPs if you know of any and share the info. The general population in HC are great. People are usually always willing to help.

Try and keep your Vit/Str at a pretty good balance. I personally go 2:3 ratio or try my best to balance it at that on my new baba (only level 30 however...)

Survivability. It's all about Survival in HC :D
Let the glass cannons do their DPS in groups, while we stand there and be a meat shield.
Yeh, the weapons I had were 2 x 35dps Swords, with frenzy x 5 and earthquake. Finished belial 2nd phase in about 15 seconds haha. I should expect it to get rough in next difficulties
Welcome to HC.

I just cleared Diablo on my Barb, My stats were lvl 32, 6.5K hp, and 550 dps if it helps. He went down pretty easy with minor issues.

What everyone else said is pretty much true. Just keep checking the AH if you need it. Dont level the BS... its a waste of gold. I did however fill out the first stash page... its nice to have in HC.
Hmmm I think I may be on track then.

my stats currently are level 24, 200dps (brought up with red gems) without battle cry. around 4k hp I think. and thats before the Belial kill. I have put two levels into smithing, the only reason I find it useful is if i store the mats I can make them on my lower toons if for whatever reason my barb bites the dust?

As for the bank pages I have upgraded that twice now. Is there anywhere that I can farm xp solid and always be above the level of the next act? I kept farming the butcher run from the begining of the quest to get an extra 2 or 3 levels before I tried Belial. but TBH I have no idea if thats the quickest way.

Also gold? It's always hard to come across, im doing my best to sell gear in the AH but not very many bites. Any ideas on that as well. Thanks for the feedback guys, very helpful HC community.
his skills

Belial Hardcore Inferno

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