Anyone giving Torchlight 2 a chance?

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After seeing some Youtube vids of Torchlight 2, it actually looks pretty fun. I honestly never thought I would give TL2 a chance because it looks too cartoonish but D3 just got so boring.

I was a hardcore D2 fan, played hours and hours, loved the game. D3 just doesn't live up to it.
I'm not quitting D3, it's still too early but can't go wrong with giving TL2 a chance, only $20, anyone else giving it a try?
TL2 looks awesome :) though i hope d3 gets fixed...
No its an over hyped game on these forums. I'll stick to D3. People fail to realize D3 is a few weeks into release and will be a lot different by the time TL2 (lol) comes out.
I wasn't going to buy Torchlight 2 until I realized how much of a joke the Diablo 3 title is. I didn't sign up for a parody game, Blizzard. /lowershead

Now, I'm absolutely getting Torchlight 2.
Definitely will be.
Of course.
despite it's toonish appearance the torchlight series is actually a very simple, yet deep game.

it uses traditional mechanics and systems that are familiar to anybody that has ever played a great RPG, it doesn't over-complicate things and it use basic archetypes as it's character models.

it's cheap and you can be sure you are getting a solid product, it may not beparticularly outstanding and won't be anything new, but you get what you pay for at least.

I know that I'll be playing it while I wait for D3 to go through the initial patches and fixes cycle.
i always had intention of getting both, but now TL will get more of my time giving me more fun
Great to hear a lot of positives for TL2. Now I'm def going to try it out.

See you all @ TL2 ('till D3 gets fixed/better)
what other arpgs are worth looking into?
Torchlight 1 was incredibly dull and mediocre, so I don't really have high hopes for Torchlight 2. Also, people saying "LOL NO AUCTION HOUSE" are kidding themselves. Unless they make items either useless or untradeable, there will always be a decisive advantage given to those who engage in commerce with other players in game.
I am, for me it was either give Blizzard another £9 for an authenticator so if i decide to use the RMAH i can (which is just LOL), or use that money and add an extra £2.15 and get Torchlight 2.

I went with Torchlight 2, no way will i pay Blizzard for an Auth so i can pay Blizzard with RM auctions.
The first Torchlight was about 500x more fun than Diablo 3, so I can't wait for T2 so I can say !@#$ diablo and get a refund.

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