My poor racing heart...

I just killed diablo on normal mode. When I joined I thought I was going to die because he took so little damage and I took so much. But 15 potions later and some very close calls... He's down!
Awesome and amazingly terrifying.
My first diablo kill on my monk was like that. Getting hit for half my life, barely getting a heal off, running away, wishing I was ranged, scared !@#$less!
just wait till you step foot... further <3

heart racing factor is so high in this game, i LOVE it.
Meh, I'm still waiting for my thrill 2 acts into Nm on a Barb

But Glad to have you aboard Night mare haha (:

*note maybe you want to farm a bit before nm
15 potions!? It must have been a truly epic fight.
What level were/are you?
Grats! I felt the same the first time I did the fight, because I went in totally blind. It was so much fun.

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