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Lore and Story
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I should also add that Blizzard did nothing short of a brilliant job in creating their cinematics. The cinematics from an artistic standpoint handled lighting, facial expressions, timing, sound, music, cinematography, and color perfectly. They are the only things in the game that did justice to Tyrael, Leah, Deckard Cain, and Diablo.

First cinematic talks about a prophecy that what will happen exactly? Belial is in Caldeum chilling, Azmodan is in Arreat doing the same. What is it about? Tyrael coming down as a falling star, killing a bunch of people and warning us that... what exactly? Everything that happens has to do with Tyrael falling and breaking his sword. Before that happens Belial had been chilling in Caldeum for years as far as we know and no one cared.
BTW using so many prophecies is always a problem. That's why the ruined the SC2 story. That needed no prophecies!

Act 2 cinematic shows Leah and Tyrael burning Cain's body. Why the hell couldn't Blizz do a separate cinematic for each class in 12 years? I went after Cain, i was supposed to have a strong connection with him and seek revenge for his death not Tyrael! And I already stated the reasons why I thought Tyrael falling was pointless. Video looked good but felt wrong with the PC missing.

Act 3 cinematic brings nothing new to the table as it is a rehash of what we already knew. It is mentioned after Belial's defeat that Azmodan will come after the stone, the cinematic just says it again. Though visually brilliant it is pretty pointless.

Act 4 cinematic shows Diableah fighting Imperius. There are so many thing i found stupid about this it was hard for me to really enjoy it. Diablo looks like a xenomorph queen from alien, Imperius is an idiot fighting the prime alone, when it is mentioned they lost fights to only Azmodan, and the only reason they were still there was because the lord of hell quarreled amongst themselves. Why wasn't the whole angiris council there fighting the prime? and the rest of the angels? Instead Diableah mops the floor with Imperius, burps on the door and breaks it and starts roaming unchecked through Heaven. Retarded.

Final cinematic is retarded beyond belief. D2 hinted at a sequel because they showed you with a pretty good twist that Baal was still alive and he has his soulstone now. D3, throws the prime's body down from heaven like a sack of !@#$ and no one wonders what happened to the Black Plothole. Because they never really told us how it worked. They told us that it existed, but we have no clue what happened to the souls.
- was the stone emptied and all 7 souls were combined into Diableah and it's now irrelevant? That's the only good explanation of why they didn't care about the stone but then why didn't they say so?
- is only Diablo dead and the other 6 are still inside?
- are all of them still in there?
- is Imperius still pissed at us?
- can i take the aspect of justice now that the position is free and the archangels seem to allow mortals in the council?

Tyrael also says we have vanquished evil forever. Really? Why? We never managed to do it before and we had a clearly defined plan in using the Hellforge to destroy the soulstones and the primes still came back. Why would their vanquish be so permanent now? Did the nephalem use his trademark killing hit he used on Zoltun Kulle?

As a last thing, in D2 we found out interesting stuff from the videos and were not just suckered in by the nice visuals. I can record a nice HD video of diarrhea spraying over roses but in the end, regardless of the roses and HD video, you'll still be looking at %^-*.

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