Wizard looks

First of all great game blizzard, I really enjoy it -- and so far the game is pretty solid despite still being early in its release.

I really like the wizard class, and I love the animations for all the spells and all the different spell combinations. But I have a huge problem with the way the wizard looks. The female wizard looks like a stripper at the start, with a slim and attractive body with next to no clothes (which is fine). But the male wizard always looks fat in-game regardless of the armor he's wearing.

Please Blizzard, if you are going to have some eye candy class, please make the male version look attractive as well. Stripper vs muffin top isn't fair!
Gurrrrrrrl, what chu talking about? Male wizard is fine as hell.
Female wizard next to no clothes? Most of her armor covers everything to her neck
I always thought the male Wizard was quite handsome. A little wonky posture when he's carrying big weapons, but he's meant for books and wands.

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