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Hey everyone. First off I am a barbarian and the reason I am posting on the wizard forums is that I am looking for an alt to play. Yeah, the Barb is fun, but inferno is like a job and is becoming increasingly annoying having to wait for CD's just to kill one elite pack and running while farting tornadoes is becoming something that I don't think the Barbarian was meant for. Anyway, (sorry to rant there), I am looking for a class that can actually farm and have fun while blowing things up. So far I have been juggling with the wizard, demon hunter, and witch doctor. What are the pros with the wizard? I have a buddy or two that really really enjoy it, and I have to admit that the abilities you all get later on are pretty cool looking. Any thoughts?

PS I know I posted on the wizard forums, so I am expecting biased information. I am curious because the Barb is painstakingly slow with the farm grind on butcher. I have done it enough that I want to puke lol.

Thanks in advance
Wizards got their problems too
We are just like you
Except we`re hot

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